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Pearls of Wisdom

"The Obama ideology is that they create, as liberals, a bubble, an alternative universe or reality in which they live, in which everything's hunky-dory."

"When Obama took office, Al-Qaeda -- this according to KT McFarland yesterday on Fox. Obama took office in 2009, Al-Qaeda basically was in two countries. Today they're in 30. They're on the run, in Obama's bubble, in Obama's world, they're on the run."

"We've got three separate requests from the CIA annex turned down, not just turned down, people told to stand down. So you put a theory out, 'Well, that's 'cause the ambassador's supposed to get kidnapped, Obama's in on this, it's his idea.' That's an explanation that some people can believe, because it's harder to believe that you've got a president that would put campaign considerations first."

"This behavior is totally unpresidential, it's unacceptable, it's outrageous, and for whatever reason, the president of the United States is failing in his most basic responsibility. That's to keep Americans safe who are in harm's way. For whatever reason, he's not following through."

"Folks, I have known since January 16th of 2009 that we were headed for trouble. I have known since the campaign of 2008 we were headed for trouble if Obama was ever elected."

"Something big is happening in Wisconsin, and there's stuff happening in Oregon, and there's stuff happening in Iowa and there's stuff happening in Ohio and there's stuff happening in North Carolina. There is stuff happening all over the place, and the Obama regime is looking smaller and smaller and smaller as they react to it."

"The Romney momentum has been a conservative momentum, and it's been out there for a long time. And the momentum is now intensifying because we have a presidential campaign, not just a series of House and Senate races, that are on the ballot."

"In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, independents side with Romney now in record numbers in both the economy, 61-34, independents, Romney over Obama, and on understanding people's problems, Romney plus ten, 52-40. Do you realize how huge that is? That's Obama's bread and butter."

"What is the primary reason the Republican Party is afraid of a conservative presidential nominee? Barry Goldwater's landslide defeat. It's what informs them to this day. They can't get over that."

"Obama, in each of the three debates, pointedly lied about the size of a tax cut that Romney supposedly has for the rich, a $5 trillion tax cut. It's mathematically impossible. There is no $5 trillion tax cut proposed. I'd like to see one, actually. There isn't one. It doesn't add up."

"The focus of all economic policy should be one thing: How much money does it put back in the pockets of the American people. How much money does it put in or leave in or put back in the private sector without first taking it from the private sector, which is what the stimulus did."

"The stimulus wasn't a stimulus. If you're gonna inject $878 billion in the private sector, it has to come from there first. It's a net wash, a net zero. There wasn't any stimulus. It's mathematically impossible."

"If I were a woman today, I would feel insulted each and every day, the way the democrats look at women, all thinking the same way, all wanting the same things."

"I have known Obama's not the cool, calm, sharp crease in his slacks that all these idiot pundits fell for. I have known from the beginning who Obama is, and all of you have to. It's just a question of accepting it."


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