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“Folks, I literally was watching MSNBC this morning and CNN, and there were Obama campaign aides on these network shows actually discussing how this storm could help Obama if they played it right. Politicizing. Now, I'm not surprised because these people politicize everything.”

“I've never seen a warning like I saw last night from a New Jersey National Weather Service office. They were literally discussing how this hurricane could help Obama. It's a crisis that would allow Obama to look as though he's in command.”

“I was minding my own business doing show prep and I saw the TV today and I saw the Obamaites out there actually talking with smiles on their faces about how this storm -- which is being portrayed as Armageddon -- can help Obama. Are you people...? You're not all there. You people have become unhinged. And to think that people watching these cable networks who are in the path of this storm care whether it helps Obama?”

“The headline to Gallup's story is as misleading as it can be. The headline says: ‘2012 Electorate Looks Just Like '08,’ but it doesn't. It's not even close in a way that no doubt has Axelrod and Plouffe and Obama sweating tears, because while the demographics might look the same, party identification is totally different.”

“So these are the kind of expectations that have been set. This is literal Armageddon. We are having riots forecast by citizens to each other. The weather service is forecasting record destruction, and the power companies are falling right in line as are governors and mayors.”

“You have what was already gonna be a nor'easter anyway, without the hurricane showing up. The hurricane showing up, the warm subtropical air meeting with the nor'easter, the cold air mass from Canada, that's what's gonna wreak the havoc, when these two systems collide. And that's when all of the predicted tumult and chaos and destruction is scheduled to take place.”

“Even the media are tweeting each other about whether or not Obama should have left Florida and gone back to Washington. I kid you not. During the break, I was monitoring media tweets. Mark Halperin at TIME Magazine said, ‘Nobody's saying Obama shouldn'ta gone back.’ In other words, everybody agrees Obama shoulda left, even though it's a stark contrast, he didn't bother to go to the Situation Room or... well, actually we think he did.”

“Obama's in the White House. What's he doing, by the way? TheHill.com says that the Romney campaign has donated its bus to deliver supplies to storm relief centers today. ‘Mitt Romney's campaign has sent its bus to collect and distribute donated supplies for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.‘ Meanwhile, Obama is in the White House monitoring. That's right, he's monitoring. He's monitoring in the White House.”

“Here's another Reuters story. ‘Hurricane Forces Obama to Balance Governing, Campaigning.’ Aw! Aw, poor president! ‘President Barack Obama faced the delicate task on Sunday of balancing his response to a potentially huge natural disaster with his own tough re-election effort as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the U.S. East Coast nine days before Election Day.’ Really? Oh, so, so challenging! Whoa, it's just so hard.”

"Gallup is projecting in this year's election 36% of the electorate will be Republican, 35% Democrat. That is a nine-point swing. That is Obama losing nine points. If this is right, this could be insurmountable for The One."

“So here's what military experts are asking now. If the operative story from Obama is that he had given orders to do whatever it took to secure the lives of these people, who didn't follow them? In other words, who ordered either the AC-130 or the drone not to fire on the target Tyrone Woods had painted with his laser?”

“We are the United States of America. The idea that they don't have the ability to defend and protect people in that kind of situation is simply absurd. And the idea that we wouldn't take the action necessary to do so is also absurd.”

“Folks, take a moment and just stop and think of what heroes these guys were, Tyrone Woods and the other three. They defied orders three times. They gave up their lives to try to save and protect the seven or so Americans that were still in the consulate, including the ambassador. And they're being ignored by the nation's media. Their acts of valor are being ignored and swept under the rug, all because the media is deathly afraid that it would redound negatively to President Obama.”

“You've got this storm about to wreak havoc, just like Benghazi had havoc wreaked upon it, and they're probably trying to save him from himself by not letting him do this campaign appearance.”

“Mark Halperin is being roasted by Obama supporters because they view his tweet as unhelpful to Obama. He's being roasted on Twitter by fellow Democrats.”

“Everywhere you look on cable TV today with this storm, every Obamaite is out trying to make the case that this storm can help Obama's reelection. Stop and think of that. Who cares whether it's good for Obama or not? The people in line, in harm's way, the people targeted by this storm don't care whether this helps Obama or not. It's their lives that are about to be disrupted and, in perhaps unfathomable ways.”

“You live by the media, you're gonna die by it. Live by the sword, die by the sword. I guarantee, you let the media build you up, at some point they're not gonna be able to protect you if they're lying about you.”

“The movement in this race and the momentum is undeniable, and I'm holding back. I am not being completely forthcoming with you about my opinion of this, for obvious reasons. But it's enough to say, folks, there's something happening out there”

“One of the hardest things for me is to hold back. It really is.”

“Just four years ago, we were such a wonderful country, why, we'd elected the first black president and that was the end of racism. Obama was gonna end racism, and what's he done? He's created a bunch of brand-new racists out of the white people that voted for him four years ago. This is the bottom of the barrel, folks.”


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