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The Undeniable Pro-Romney Surge


RUSH: There's one other bit of news I want to pass on to you. The Washington Post has been asking Republicans why they're gonna vote for Romney. What they have been trying to ascertain at the Washington Post is how much of the Romney vote is really an anti-Obama vote and how much of it is a for-Romney vote.

Are you ready? In July, 36% of people said they were voting for Romney, and 59% said they were voting against Obama. So in terms of Republicans, 60% said the reason they were voting was to get rid of Obama. Thirty-six percent of them said they were voting because they liked Romney. Now it's entirely reversed. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans say that they now are voting for Romney, and just 36% say they're voting to get rid of Obama.

What this means is that Romney has connected with people, and I have sensed this. I have sensed this even before the first debate, but the first debate was a key in making this happen. But this is where, by the way... The good news in this is that this is where all this enthusiasm is coming from. If among Republicans in July, 60% said, "Yeah, I'm voting, but I don't care for Romney. I'm just gotta get rid of Obama," and that's now switched, that means added Republican enthusiasm.

That's why it's important.

The Washington Post has been tracking this, and I wanted to pass that on to you because I think some of you are not gonna be pleased with that. Some of you don't think Romney's conservative enough. I understand that. But in terms of winning this election, which is what matters now, this is excellent, excellent news.


RUSH: Jerry in Brunswick, Ohio. It’s great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Mr. Limbaugh. It's so nice to talk to you. He was telling Mr. Snerdley that I just got in from the Romney rally in Avon, Ohio.

RUSH: The one that was today?

CALLER: Yes, sir.

RUSH: Yeah, okay, good.

CALLER: And it was... I'll tell you what: It was unbelievable. There was so many people there they had to put us in I guess what they called “the overflow gymnasium.” Mitt came in to talk to us first for about ten minutes and then he went over into the big room. It was just unbelievable. I mean, I'm just psyched.

RUSH: What was unbelievable about it?

CALLER: Oh, the crowd was just all wound up. It was just terrific. This is not the first rally I've ever been to, but this seemed to be one that was very well attended.

RUSH: Well, that's what we're hearing about all the Romney rallies, is that they are filled to overflow, that the crowds in certain places are larger than Obama's crowds in '08. Of course, it’s not being reported. You have to look close, but you can see it even here in Florida. At a bunch of Romney rallies, the pictures did make it in the local websites and publications here. The crowds were overwhelming and enthusiastic.

You know, the polling data today out of Ohio, it's the first time Romney's hit 50. It's in the Rasmussen poll. He's up two over Obama. The president still, I don't care where you go, is not anywhere higher than 47%. And I just want to remind you again, folks: Eight days ago -- eight days ago -- Chuck Todd on NBC was given one of these polls. It doesn’t matter which one, but Obama was at 47%. He said (paraphrased), “That's not really a big deal right now.

“But next week, if we're a week out, and Obama's still at 47%? Yeah, then I'm gonna be concerned.” Well, it's next week now, and President Obama's still at 47%, and I don't know if Chuck is saying he's concerned or not. But I know that they all are. I don't care where you look, the momentum, the aura, the... I have to be very careful. Folks, I'm gonna be honest. These shows are really, really tough for me.

I can't begin to describe for you (and I'm not complaining, do not misunderstand) how difficult talking about this is, because I am very much aware that anything can happen between now and Election Day. I am very much aware that nothing is over. This race isn't over. The campaign is not over. Obama hasn't given up. Yet despite that, there are obvious signs of the direction this race is going and the direction it's been going for a long while now, especially coming from where we used to be.

The movement in this race and the momentum is undeniable, and I'm holding back.

I am not being completely forthcoming with you about my opinion of this, for obvious reasons. But it's enough to say, folks, there's something happening out there. You look at the Gallup poll that was posted yesterday with party ID, 9,000 respondents -- the electorate that will vote next week – and it’s Republicans plus one. You measure that with all these polls even now that have a Democrat electorate of plus four to plus six that is still what's seen? Even Rasmussen's polling data still has a Democrat advantage in it, and yet Romney is just cleaning up in independents.

So it's challenge here in its own way to do this. 



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