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Pearls of Wisdom

"Philadelphia, as people that live in Pennsylvania will tell you, is what gets the Democrats that state.  If Romney's buying advertising in Philadelphia, it means it's in play." 

"No matter where you go where liberals have run things uncontrolled and unchecked, what do you have?  Unmitigated disaster.  You have rising poverty, rising crime, rising single parenthood, rising abortion.  I mean, you've got cultural rot wherever liberals run the show."

"I am rarely out of touch, folks."

"A typically fawning AP: 'President Barack Obama the candidate stepped aside Monday so the commander in chief could take over.' You know, it's a shame he didn't think to be commander in chief back on September, 11th in Benghazi."

"I've got no reason to lie to you.  We want everything to happen here on the basis of truth and reality.  You don't win anything, not substantively, if you do it by lying to people.  You're eventually gonna be exposed and it's all gonna fall apart.  You want it to be real, mandates that mean something.  That can only happen with truth." 

"I got no reason to lie to you about anything.  Plus, it isn't in my nature anyway." 

"Obama does not have one thing in the last four years that he can tout.  There's nothing in his record that he can go out and say, 'You want more of that?'"

"Obama doesn't have anything to do about it; FEMA doesn't have anything to say about it.  States can set early voting within limits, but they can't move an election."

"When has any government program lowered the cost of anything?  When has the government gotten smaller?  When have there actually been budget cuts, when does it happen?  In terms of the overall size of the federal budget, it never gets smaller, does it?"

"It's amazing how easy it will be to understand things if you just accept that I'm right and don't doubt me."

"Once you just trust me and just believe what I tell you, your world opens up. A clear understanding on everything takes place. All my staff, it's happened to them. Their lives are wonderful. They'll even tell you."

"Liberalism is what it is, and liberals are who they are. I mean, when you come to grips with that, everything else becomes easy."

"You know, speaking of the War on Women, who was it that prevented us from having the first female president in this country? Barack Obama and the Democrat Party! Heck, we here at the EIB Network were even pulling for Hillary out there. War on Women? Go talk to Obama about it!"

"I don't care how badly the black community might be disappointed in Obama, I don't think they're gonna vote for Romney. But the way it all could manifest itself is that some of them just don't vote."

"If you're unhappy with the way the country is right now, believe me: The Republicans have not had one thing to say about it. Especially the first two years, Republicans didn't have the votes anywhere to stop anything."


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