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Brit Hume vs. NYT on Big Gov't

RUSH: Brit Hume had an interesting aside today.  Here we have this big storm in the Northeast.  The big storm has wreaked havoc.  The New York Times has a column: “Big Government for a Big Storm.”  Except, guess what?  In the midst of the storm and now in the aftermath of the storm, the federal government shut down.  The federal government isn't working.

Gallup: 15% Have Already Voted, Romney Up 7%

RUSH: From the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza and his column, The Fix.  They're looking at polling data.  They're "moving Minnesota, the state that hasn’t voted Republican since 1972, from 'solid Obama' to 'lean Obama.' The move comes in response to two major developments:  1) A new Star Tribune poll conducted by Mason-Dixon and released Sunday showed Mitt Romney within the margin of error against Obama, with Obama at 47 percent and Romney at 44 percent. That’s closer than any other poll has shown." Again, it's Obama nowhere near 50%. 

Clinton, by the way, is heading to Minnesota tomorrow while Obama plots strategy with his lawyers in the Hurricane Sandy Situation Room.  Again, early voting.  Gallup, 15% of registered voters have already voted.  Fifteen percent!  And again, early voting, 52 to 45 Romney.  Now, as I mentioned at the opening of the program, if there is one bit of news that will take the air out of their balloon, that will deflate them, that will just cause them to panic, it's this number: Romney leading early voting by seven.  See, early voting they think, is where they win elections.  That's where they are able to play games.  The dead vote, sometimes more than once.  All kinds of games are played.  Early voting.  And to hear that Romney's up seven in early voting?  I guarantee you.

Politico Quotes Me Correctly

RUSH: Now, yesterday on this program, I joined in this discussion of whether or not the storm helps our hurts Obama.  I thought it was sick.  I thought it was a little corrupt and perverted, actually, for the media, in the midst of what now is 30 people dead, who knows how much property damage.  It's just a devastating storm in the Northeast.  And they're talking about how can this help Obama?  How can this help Obama?  So I decided to weigh in.  And I said, "These people may not realize it, these narcissists and so forth, all these media people live in New York and Washington, which is the target area for this storm."  I said a couple other things.  Politico actually reported it correctly. 

Well, remember, I said yesterday, this is something every golfer knows, there are the golf gods.  You go out, you tell yourself, you play a good round or two, and you think, "I got the game figured out, okay."  The golf gods will ensure that you screw up the next two or three rounds.  It's just the way it works.  You start getting cocky, even just to yourself, you start bragging just to yourself, and the golf gods will bring you back down to earth.  And I said, the weather gods have now interceded in these cocky media people who think that Obama can't lose, that Romney's a schlub and whatever else, here come the weather gods. 

And The Politico reported it correctly.  "Rush Limbaugh said Monday that the 'golf gods' have rained on the media’s parade."  They didn't quite get that right, just they didn't understand it.  But they got close.  They quote me correctly saying, "'[When] they have time they’re gonna try to massage it and figure out a way they can make it look good for Obama. Which is juvenile, infantile, sad and disappointing because this storm is going to affect everybody.  And there isn’t anything political about it until people try to make it political.' 

"Limbaugh said that media’s coverage of the storm will soak up news about Mitt Romney. 'The minute you tell yourself you got the game figured out, the golf gods make sure that you screw up the next two rounds. Well, the weather gods have interceded here,' Limbaugh said.  'They have intervened in this campaign and in this effort. You’ve got potential devastation and destruction in the media capitals of this country: Washington and New York.  And the residents and the occupants of these media organizations in Washington and New York are the ones who are gonna be standing out in the street telling everybody else how bad it is. Not how bad Romney is. Not how dangerous Romney is. How dangerous the storm is.'"

Therefore, the storm will take their primary objective away, and that is talking about how rotten Romney is.  "They are terribly worried that all of this means that the big surge that they had planned for Obama this week and that Obama had planned has now been overwhelmed by the surge of Sandy."  So whatever they had planned, it's been superseded now.  And you know there was something, and there probably still is.  October Surprise, whatever.  So let me ask you, those of you who've been watching TV, have you seen very many "Romney sucks" stories?  You haven't.  All of these media people are out standing in the storm.  Their expert reporters are out there, their meteorologists.  The weather gods have intervened, which was my point. 








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