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"This hurricane is illustrating what Obama can't do, no president can do, and that's what this election's about.  Too many people have turned over too much of their lives to government thinking government's the answer, government can give 'em health care, government can give 'em this. And government can't."

"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to play the role of a Greek column today for President Obama.  Obama and Chris Christie will tour the Jersey shore.  Who lives on the shoreline, Snerdley?  That's exactly right.  The 1% live on the beach."

"Maybe some of you think Obama's gonna get you back in your house in three days. He hasn't been able to fix the economy in four years. What makes you think he can fix your house?"

"This disaster illustrates what a president cannot do.  This disaster illustrates what a government cannot do. And to me that's what this election's all about.  Government's become way too big, way too important, way too big a factor."

"Way too many people have shucked their own responsibility, they've set aside their own ambition and ability in exchange for government coming along and doing something to help."   

"Queens, all these areas, they're gonna get rebuilt because that's what Americans do. It's what Americans have always done."

"Obama can't wave a magic wand.  There isn't one."

"It’s the people who make this country work. It's the people who make things happen. And I'm gonna tell you: The only thing a government does is shackle people. The reason why conservatives are better for people is 'cause they get government regulation out of the way."

"I'm gonna make a prediction for you: If Romney does win this, you just watch. You are not gonna have to wait for his inauguration to see a major up-tick in economic activity for the good."

"It's fascinating to me to watch all this, to absorb all the polling data, like Quinnipiac is out, got Obama up five in Ohio, but Romney's winning independents left and right.  So much of it is genuinely confusing."

"There's no other governor saying the things about Obama that Christie is.  One week before the election.  Look, there are just certain things here that you cannot ignore and with credibility you just can't gloss over."

"Do you think people I talked about earlier standing in line for five gallons of gas care that Governor Cuomo thinks this storm is global warming? What does it matter to them?"

"I just don't think the depth of the disappointment, the depth of the dissatisfaction with Obama can be reversed in three days with a storm where he doesn't fix anything, where he doesn't do anything. And sitting in the White House looking like a president isn't gonna cut it. He’s supposed to do that anyway."

"I've been mentioning Oregon for two weeks here and it finally showed up yesterday. So you've got three things that can happen: A narrow Obama win, a narrow Romney win, or a huge Romney win. But not a huge Obama win."

"What are you doing, Rachel?  She has some Batman mask on trying to distract me.  Yeah, Happy Halloween.  I forgot it was Halloween.  You know, I usually put a condom over my head and go out as a -- well, never mind."


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