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Pearls of Wisdom

"Politicians are not gonna be the ones who rebuild the affected areas of Hurricane Sandy. Hardworking Americans are gonna rebuild."  

"The media studiously, purposely avoids covering Romney events.  You know why?  The debates.  Romney juxtaposed against Obama cleans up every time people see it."     

"The 2010 election was devastating for the Democrats, and it's not done one thing but get worse since then.  Spending has gone up, the debt has gotten larger, family income has shrunk, and unemployment has gone up.  The poverty level has gone up, too, and the number of people on food stamps has almost doubled."

"A lot of people voted for Obama because they bought into this messianic stuff.  But they aren't buying into it anymore.  Once you fail at being messiah you don't ever get that back." 

"For every woman that Obama hugged in New Jersey there are 15,000 people in line for a gallon of gasoline for their generators in New Jersey and Queens and so forth."

"Governor Christie is saying the first thing they need to do in New Jersey is get gasoline into the state. Not solar power. Not windmills. Not solar panels or clean energy. Chris Christie's out there calling for gasoline, evil gasoline, as the first thing they needed in order to recover."

"You watch people sitting around waiting for government to do something, and others taking matters into their own hands, and you'll see a distinct difference."

"Mitt Romney or any conservative's solution to big government: cut it, streamline it, pare it back.  Obama, (imitating Obama) 'We gotta do that.  I'm not gonna stand for the normal state of affairs.  You call me and I'm gonna get something done in 15 minutes.'  Why isn't that the case every day?"

"Nothing angers drivers more than a pack of cyclists, arrogant cyclists who think they own the road. They're worse than joggers."

"Romney has an air of invincibility.  You listen to Romney, it sounds like he knows how this is gonna turn out.  You listen to Obama, you don't get that sense from him.  You get a defensive posture."

"Liberals don't even care to understand us.  They just reject us."

"Here you got another prominent Democrat senator engaging in orgies with hookers, and people are ho-humming it today.  It's no big deal.  It would be if it were a Republican."

"Barack Obama admitted that in order to get efficient help in rebuilding the damage to the hurricane, the nor'easter, gotta get government out of the way.  That's what he admitted."

"Obama said he was gonna put the coal business out of business.  And he's doing it.  He promised to do it."

"The regime, as I told you, they're trying to build a 2008 turnout model, and that's not what's gonna happen.  If we turn out like we did in 2010, the same thing is gonna happen as happened in 2010.  That's all it's about, is turnout.  Duplicating 2010."

"If you scare easily -- if you're looking for reasons to be upset, if you're not confident anyway -- stay away from the Internet and television starting now.  Just come here every day from noon to three, and I -- with no reason to lie to you -- will tell you what's up."


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