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Carteresque Gas Lines in Northeast
RUSH: It really is, really is the second term of Jimmy Carter in the Northeast. At least specifically the long gasoline lines now, the long gasoline lines in the Northeast. Governor Christie said, “We gotta get gas in here! Before we do anything, we need gas. We're gonna get rid of all regulations and get gasoline in here.”

Denver Mayor Says Obama Getting Beat in Wisconsin Early Voting
RUSH: Denver Mayor Hancock in Wisconsin says Obama getting beat in early voting.  It's the Denver Post, ladies and gentlemen.  Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has been busy pushing for the reelection of "Barack Hussein Obama!  Mmm!  Mmm!  Mmm!"  He was in Milwaukee on Sunday.  He broke news on that Wisconsin trip.  He told voters that if the election were held that day, last Sunday, that Obama would lose Wisconsin and the ten electoral votes.  Michael Hancock, mayor of Denver, told the crowd that Wisconsin could be lost if Democrats didn't get out the early vote.  Early votes started on October 22nd on Wisconsin. 

"We have not turned out the vote early," Hancock told the newspaper. "The suburbs and rural parts of Wisconsin -- the Republican base -- are voting. President Obama's base has yet to go vote. We've got to get our people to go vote." Three days ago.  Did Hancock make it back to Denver?  Has anybody seen him?  I haven't seen Hancock, but he told the newspaper that early voting in Wisconsin for Obama just isn't there.  I know, it doesn't jive with any of the polling data you're seeing, does it?  It doesn't jive.  You don't know what to believe.

Idiotic: Gore, Moore Blame Storm on Global Warming
RUSH: I'm gonna skip this stupid global warming stuff.  I just don't want to hear Al Gore, Michael Moore.  Just idiots.  I just don't want to listen to 'em lie through their teeth about global warming and the storm. 

Dominican Prostitutes: Senator Menendez Stiffed Us
RUSH: I'm not gonna play any of Christie and Menendez. Oh, have you heard about the Menendez -- this is not great.  I haven't even read it.  All I know is it's Menendez.  So fill me in on the blanks.  Bob Menendez, Democrat senator, New Jersey, apparently went down to the Caribbean, some big donor.  Do we know the name of the donor?  You haven't looked at the story, either?  So why am I asking you?  But do you know who the donor is?  All right.  Anyway, goes down there, and orgies.  A Menendez donor in the Caribbean, New Jersey Senator Democrat Bob Menendez going down and having orgies at the home of the donor in the Caribbean. 

The source for the story is the hookers.  The hookers are mad because they haven't been paid.  Menendez is saying you can't trust hookers.  Well, ask Eliot Spitzer whether you can trust the hookers or not.  What, the hookers were charging $500 and he gave them $100?  Is that what you said?  That's what you saw.  Okay, so he was jipping them, cheating them, $500 rate, he was giving them a hundred bucks.  So they didn't get paid.  That's a real big deal.  Everybody knows, my gosh, pay the hooker. That's the last thing you do is not pay the hooker. 


Yeah, how about this War on Women stuff?  Here you got another prominent Democrat senator engaging in orgies with hookers, and people are ho-humming it today.  It's no big deal.  It would be if it were a Republican. 

Funny Business Begins: Florida Dems Want to Extend Early Voting
RUSH: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, the funny business is beginning. "The chairman of Florida's Democratic Party is asking Gov. Rick Scott to extend early voting in the state through Sunday to ensure everyone has a chance to be heard. Democratic Party Chairman Rod Smith sent the Republican governor his request Thursday after mounting reports of record voter turnout across the state and long waits for voters in many cases."

Now, stop and think about this. Election Day is Tuesday. Early voting is going to en... When does it end, tomorrow? We don't know because we don't early vote, 'cause we don't cheat. Just kidding. The point is: Okay, so let's just say early voting ends tomorrow, then vote Tuesday. Ever think of that? Mr. Smith, Tuesday's Election Day. November 6th.

You ever thought about maybe if you don't make early voting then you vote on Election Day. Something sniffy here, folks. Something smells here. Long lines. We know that Romney... The Gallup people say that Romney is cleaning up in the early voting. Party. Nobody counts them. It's just the party registration. Extend early voting! The funny business begins. The Democrats want to change the rules.

EPA Grants Waivers for Storm
RUSH: By the way, the Obama regime is temporarily waiving some Clean Air Act requirements in Mis’sippi, Alabama, the District of Columbia, and 14 other states because of the storm. The EPA is granting clean-gasoline waivers. They are admitting that regulation is halting the flow of gasoline. The free flow of gasoline at market prices is being hampered by EPA regs. They are waiving them now. To me, this is a nail in the coffin of government!

When you need something to happen right, when you need something to happen efficiently, you've gotta get government out of the way. We’ve gotta learn this, folks. Obama thinks he's going out there and doing great things. (impression) “I told everybody to answer the phone in 15 minutes, and whatever people need, make sure they get it!” Why shouldn't that be case every day? Why do you want credit for making it work one or two days a year?




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