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Morning Update: What We Need

People in the Northeast are still suffering the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Among them, Staten Island residents, who are begging for help, worried the elderly will die for lack of food and heat because days after the storm, government has not shown up!

Benghazi Alone is Reason Enough to Fire Barack Obama

RUSH:  Those of you in this country who are military families, you have served, you have worn the uniform, you have family members who have worn the uniform, if I were you, I would be outraged. I would be unable to contain myself.  I'm already that way.  It is stunning what we are continuing to learn.

Pollsters and Media Bias

RUSH: Rasmussen and Gallup, all they do is poll. The other outfits, they're attached to universities. What's the bias there? They're attached to news networks. What's the bias there? And we know that objectivity is not possible.

Brian Williams Rips Me

RUSH: I thought Brian Williams liked me. Apparently he doesn't anymore...  He got on me for my line about Christie playing the role of a Greek column for Obama in the thralls of man love.  

The Coming Obamacare Fiasco

CALLER: I'm very concerned that if Obamacare cannot be repealed, that a lot of smaller institutions -- rural area hospitals and such -- may be forced to shut down. Because reimbursements are gonna be so low, they cannot afford to stay open.

Will Sandy Suppress Obama Votes?

RUSH: There are three or four hundred thousand votes that Obama won't get, which is not gonna affect the electoral votes out of New York at all, but it will affect the national total.


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