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Pearls of Wisdom

"I think the Obama people want this election over. The rest of us want Obama over. And that is what keeps us inspired and what keeps us going."

"He who wins independents wins the election."

"The only thing that you can say about these polls is that in none of them has Obama at 50.  And that matters."

"The enthusiasm and the momentum, there's no question where it is.  It is for Romney."

"You know, Moochelle, the first lady, is in Virginia at two all-black colleges.  The weekend before the election, what in the world is the first lady doing at all black colleges?  Shouldn't that sort have been sewn up by now?"

"People were shouting polls at me back in April and May. I said it doesn't make a damn bit of difference.  Anybody remember what they were off top of your head?  That's proving my point."

"The hurricane hit Monday, I wonder how many people are shocked and surprised that it isn't getting any better.  In fact, it may be worsening, despite the fact the president came into town. The president flew in, isn't that supposed to mean something?"

"Nanny Bloomberg is gonna be at the marathon, euphemistically speaking.  These next three days are going to illustrate the priorities of liberals and the dependence on the collective.  It will showcase the overall damage done by unions." 

"I liked what I was saying so much that I just kept wanting to hear me."

"The government's bigger; Americans are poorer.  And this is because Obamacare is on its way to being implemented.  And we don't even have Taxmageddon implemented yet."

"Does Benghazi ring a bell to any of you at NBC?  I know it's not as cool as Iran-Contra or Watergate or Katrina -- those all involve Republicans -- but four Americans died, as it turns out, unnecessarily.  They were murdered and people are trying to get answers, and NBC doesn't care."

"'Nobody died at Watergate.' Obama's Benghazi cover-up is far more than Watergate, and the press in this case is the equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein helping Nixon cover up Watergate."    

"In the Northeast, we have union crews who are turning away nonunion repair workers coming to help out in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy."

"Rasmussen and Gallup, all they do is poll.  The other outfits, they're attached to universities. What's the bias there? They're attached to news networks. What's the bias there?"

"Michael Bloomberg is insisting on running the New York City Marathon. When you have people starving, when you have people begging for food and begging for clothes -- when they have no place to stay, no heat, and it's gonna get cold at night this weekend -- how in the world do you do this?"

"Mayor Doomberg had 11 years to get ready for the rising sea levels that he believes are coming because he believes in global warming.  Well, what did he do to prepare lower Manhattan for rising sea levels? Nothing."


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