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"You look at the polling data and something's not connecting here. The bottom line is: Nobody knows who'll win tomorrow. And everybody talking about this today, for the most part, is still trying to influence the way you look at this."

"Romney's saying that every action Obama took on the economy did harm. It's undeniable. It is simply undeniable. Everything Obama has done has hurt the economy, has hurt health care. Everything he's done has harmed the debt, has worsened the deficit. There isn't anything that's improved."

"In 2008, people were not electing a radical. They were not electing somebody they thought was anti-capitalist or somebody that'd harm the economy. That's the last thing they thought Obama was."

"Which Obama idea has worked? Stimulus? Obamacare? Green energy? Arab Spring? Name one. What Obama idea has worked?"

"What deficit, any deficit, has come down? The national debt has had almost $6 trillion added to it. That's done by way of a deficit every year that is over a trillion dollars. We never had trillion-dollar annual deficits until Obama."

"You watch the campaign appearances. Romney has the aura of confidence, inevitability, presidential. The crowd is the same way. The Obama that we see is petulant. He's angry. He's reciting platitudes that come from a teleprompter. He's aided and abetted by basically two people: Joe Biden and Bill Clinton. Romney has hundreds of Republican aficionados out all over the country stumping for him."

"You see, back during Hurricane Katrina, the question on everybody's lips was, 'Where's Bush?' During Sandy it's, 'Where's the mayor? Where's the governor?' Apparently nobody's asking, 'Where is Obama?'"

"There's not one case the Obama campaign can make for their record. And yet we are to believe that people in 2010 who wanted no more of this have all of a sudden changed their minds and are now indecisive about this? I just cannot accept that."

"Ohio, by the way, has never been a state that elects madcap radicals, not nationally. You might find a Kucinich in Cleveland or a Sherrod Brown, but nationally, the people that come out of Ohio, they're dryballs."

"This country is not gonna elect a guy president who's running around telling people to vote for revenge. Revenge! Might have been the first to point this out last week, Obama telling his voters to vote for revenge. What revenge? Revenge against who? Revenge for what?"

"Love of country is exactly what propelled 2010. Love of country is exactly what caused a massive uprising by the Tea Party and the grassroots and a massive Democrat landslide defeat in 2010. Make no mistake about it, it was love of country that generated that, and it's love of country that has only intensified since then. It has not evaporated in any shape, way, manner, or form."

"In 2008 people were not electing a radical. They were not electing somebody they thought was anti-capitalist. They were not electing somebody that was gonna do harm to the economy. That's the last thing they thought Obama was."

"I have known who this guy is since before the election in 2008. So there he is. One month in, I'm telling you this guy is about revenge and vengeance and how they don't like capitalism at the Obama administration. 'Cause they can't control it, because they think it's unfair, unjust, and unequal."

"It looks like the final Gallup is out, and it's 49-48 Romney, and in no poll that I could find is Obama higher than 48%. In no poll is he over 48%."

"Michael Barone is not just anybody. Barone is the gold standard of election prognosticators, and also postelection analysis. I mean, this guy goes precinct by precinct by precinct after every election and puts together what is called the Almanac of American Politics."

"When you turn on the television, I don't care what it is, I don't care what network, you don't hear any of these people talking about what happened in 2010. I know they don't think it's an apples-to-apples comparison, but it is better than a 2008 comparison."

"In 2008, Obama was an entirely different candidate. In 2008, Obama was Mr. Perfect. People that voted for Obama -- and it was only 53%, by the way. Let us not forget that. It wasn't some massive landslide in 2008."

"I cannot tell you, folks, it would be impossible to exaggerate the role race plays in Drive-By Media analysis and hope. I cannot exaggerate what a factor that is. That is the primary factor in the coverage Obama got in 2008. It's a factor in why the media's ignoring Benghazi. It's why the media's doing everything they can to avoid any negative coverage of Obama."

"Somebody tell me, what significant elections have the Democrats won since 2008. They lost Weiner's seat. Huma Weiner's husband got beat by Bob Turner. They lost Weiner's seat in a sex scandal. That's usually a resume enhancement for Democrats."

"How in the world do you have an oversample of Democrats by four points and then admit that the Republicans have a turnout advantage and an enthusiasm advantage and your data shows 49-49? But their projection is 50-47. The answer is somewhat obvious, isn't it? It's so obvious, I can't believe it."

"So Bruce Springsteen in his performance today for Obama in Madison actually said as part of his performance that that first debate scared the hell out of him. Hey, Bruce, you know what? Obama's whole first term has freaked everybody out. That's why we're here! That whole first term freaked everybody out."

"The Democrat Party is oriented around the notion that people are incompetent, incapable, don't want to work, and will gladly turn their lives over to government. And that's who Barack Obama's trying to win the election with."

"This campaign is as intellectually dishonest as any Democrat campaign's ever been, if not more so."

"That's what this election is all about is trying to save the country from people who don't know any better. For whatever reason, their minds have been polluted by education or by family or what have you."

"Women in this campaign have been the most abused, intellectually, during this campaign than any other group. And by abused I mean demeaned and dumbed down by Obama and his senior advisers in the Democrat Party. It is really stunning to see how women are being insulted daily by the Obama campaign."

"The SEIU, I mean, these people are panicked. They just sent a tweet out, the Service Employees International Union: 'Romney's War on Women game plan: If he can't make birth control illegal, he's gonna make it unaffordable.' He can't! A, Romney's not gonna have anything to say about birth control, and, B, he doesn't care. He said so in a debate. Contraception is a state thing if it's a discussion at all."

"Reversing Roe v. Wade is nothing a president can do. A president cannot touch it. A president has no role in constitutional amendments. All of this talk about Romney taking this or that away is simply another lie, and women in this campaign have been intellectually abused like I have never seen them abused."

"Mitt Romney cannot reverse Griswold v. Connecticut. Mitt Romney cannot reverse Roe v. Wade. If you know any women who believe that Romney's gonna take away abortion or that Romney's gonna take away their contraception, tell them, it's not possible."

"Barack Obama insists your neighbor should pay for everything. Your neighbor should pay for your health care. Your neighbor should pay for your unemployment compensation. Your neighbor should pay for your contraception."

"If I didn't know better, watching this campaign, I would say that free contraceptives is more important to Obama than heart disease, diabetes, whatever. That's how screwed up his campaign is."

"After four years of Obama's presidency he is campaigning as though it never happened."

"Even the New York Daily News has endorsed Romney. Did you know that, Snerdley? Used to call it the New York Daily People's Worker. The New York Daily News has endorsed Mitt Romney."


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