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Springsteen Says First Debate Scared Him
RUSH: So Bruce Springsteen in his performance today for Obama in Madison actually said as part of his performance that that first debate scared the hell out of him.


RUSH: Yeah, Springsteen said, "The first debate really freaked me out." Hey, Bruce, you know what? Obama's whole first term has freaked everybody out. That's why we're here! That whole first term freaked everybody out. (sigh) I'll leave it alone.

Moochelle Rallies Base in NC
RUSH: Today, Moochelle Obama is in North Carolina, and she is there with NBA players and others, which means that Moochelle Obama's rallying the base, the black voter base for Barack Hussein Obama.

See, now, again. The thinking side of me says, "They don't have the black turnout where they want it to be. Why be doing that?" Of course, I could be dead wrong about it. He could just be shoring it up. Who knows. We'll all find out shortly. By the way, there is a new Pew poll out. Yesterday's is not the most recent now. They've still got it three points, but this time it's Obama 48-45 over Romney. Obama is still not over 48% other than the CNN poll.

They did a projection that got him to 50. Their data yesterday said 49-49. Their data today is tied, but they're projecting 48-45 in the Pew poll. So, folks, if you go poll to poll to poll, the big media bet is Obama at 48%. That's what they're all saying. If it's 48%, there has gotta be a lot of undecideds in there. That's what their excuse is gonna be, whichever way this goes. Whichever way it goes, they'll say, "Well, the undecideds..." 'cause 48-45 adds up to what?


That 49 and 49 adds up to 98. Third-party candidate Jill what's-her-face, the Green Party, might get 1%. If that. So there's a lot of people not accounted for here.

17,000 Mining Jobs Lost Since May
RUSH: Heritage Foundation: "Buried in Friday’s Bureau of Labor Statistics report on the country’s unemployment situation was this disheartening fact: 9,000 employees of the mining and resource extraction sector lost their jobs in October. That brings total job losses in that sector to 17,000 since May, according to BLS." This is not an accident. Barack Obama is targeting them.

The coal people, coal miners know full well what is happening. In every swing state they know full well what is happening, and they are not supporting Barack Hussein Obama. No matter what Trumka tells them. No matter what their union head tells them. Their union head doesn't employ them. Barack Obama promised to put the coal business out of business, and he's on target. He is on schedule.

Newspapers Endorse Romney -- and Promptly Don't Matter Anymore
RUSH: Have you seen all these newspapers that have endorsed Romney? Have you noticed all of a sudden now how that doesn't matter? The Drive-Bys are indicting their own business. "Oh, yeah, newspaper endorsements are not nearly as important as they used to be." Just like the Redskins Rule. "Nah, you can't follow that." The Redskins Rule is very, very simple. If the Redskins win at home on the last game before the election, if they win, the incumbent party wins 19 of the last 20 such examples, which dates back to 1940.

Nineteen of the last 20 elections, when the Redskins win at home, the incumbent party wins. Well, the Redskins lost. They lost to the Carolina Panthers. So another way of saying this is: If the Redskins lose at home, the out-of-power party wins 19 of the last 20 such elections since 1940. Now, I'm here to tell you: If the Redskins had won yesterday, all you'd be hearing today would be about the Redskin Rule.

They would lump it in all their other polling data and all their other stories about why Obama's going to win. You know it and I know it. But the Redskin Rule doesn't exist. You can't find any mention of it. There's nothing scientific about it. It's just an amazing occurrence. It's the kind of thing a lot of people attach meaning to. It's why the news people would pump it. But since it doesn't favor Obama, they're not talking about it. Just like 28 of America's largest newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 now support Romney, many of them in swing states.

Newspaper endorsements don't matter this year.


RUSH:  As of a few days ago, this is the most recent data that we have, a few days ago, newspaper endorsements: 112 for Romney, 84 for Obama.  In 2008, Obama won newspaper endorsements 296 to 180.  Today it's 112 Romney, 84 Obama.  Even the New York Daily News has endorsed Romney.  Did you know that, Snerdley?  Used to call it the New York Daily People's Worker.  The New York Daily News has endorsed Mitt Romney.  And according to the American Presidency Project, according to those people, when it comes to endorsements from some newspapers in the swing states, Romney is leading Obama 14-5.  It doesn't matter this year, though.  Newspaper endorsements, the Drive-Bys themselves are saying, "Well, you know, the newspaper business, it's not what it used to be." 

Oh, your own business is not what it used to be?

"No, no, no.  Doesn't carry the influence, the impact it used to." 

Oh, really?  When did that happen? 

"Well, it just started this year.  Just this year." 




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