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Romney Camp: Our Internals Didn't Leak... Howard Dean: Only Fraud Can Defeat Obama... New Black Panthers Out in Force Again in Philly... Scott Rasmussen: I Have No Idea...  Dan Rather Predicts Good Night for Romney... 

A Few Questions and Some Observations

RUSH: Will more Republicans vote for Romney than voted for McCain in 2008?  Yes.  Will fewer Democrats vote for Obama this year than voted for Obama in 2008?  Oh, you may be a little undecided on that last question.  Let me rephrase it.  Do you think more Democrats will vote for Obama this year than voted for him in 2008?  Does anybody think that?  

Cutter Warns: Don't Believe Exit Polls

RUSH: In 2004, you remember, the exit polls were totally corrupt. The first two waves -- the two p.m. and the five p.m. exit polls -- were as corrupt as they could have been, and they signaled a John Kerry landslide. At five o'clock in the afternoon Bob Shrum, who ran Kerry's campaign, walked into his office and said to Kerry, "Hey, horse face, may I be the first to address you as 'Mr. President.'"


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