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"Liberty versus tyranny is on the ballot today. I am not kidding, and I'm not exaggerating an iota. Vote for your freedom today. Vote for your liberty today. But just vote."

"I think everything about Obama has to be contrasted to 2008. Not last week or two weeks ago or six months ago, but 2008 when it comes to voting for him. In 2008, who was he?"

"This is a turnout election, and the best thing I can tell you is: Do not listen to anything anybody says from now on about exit polls, about fraud, about voting machines, about anything. Just vote, and take as many people with you as you can."

"The polling data carries a lot of weight in people's minds. People are afraid to go against it. People are afraid to say, 'Eh, the polls are wrong.' But I'm just gonna tell you that if the GOP turns out today like they did in 2010, it's over. It's no more complicated than that, and that's why 2010 matters."

"If the GOP turns out today like they did in 2010, it's over. It's no more complicated than that. And is there anything that happened between 2010 and today to make the GOP less enthusiastic?"

"This hurricane and the aftermath are being nowhere near covered like Katrina was. Who outside of New York knows the hell these people are going through? I submit nobody does! Unless you watch Fox or New York local, you don't know."

"Today is the absolute last chance to stop Obamacare. This is it, folks, and we need your vote."

"You know, everybody's asking me, 'What do you know?' I'm just telling you what I know. It's as though you had a direct line to me. 'I wonder what Rush knows that we don't.' I'm telling you. Everything I find out, I'm passing on. Good, bad, indifferent, what have you. It's all mixed in with my own invaluable opinion."

"My question to you, do you think more Republicans will vote for Romney than voted for McCain? Without doubt. Do you think that fewer Obama voters will vote this year than in 2008? They do. That's why Obama's doing nothing but shoring up the base. It's Romney who's been, as they say, expanding the map. It's Obama who's been shoring up the base."

"I maintain to you that the only thing that's kept Obama in this is the polls. That's the only thing that's given anybody any belief that he has a chance. Because in the real world, this guy has been thrown out already. It happened in 2010. This guy has already been rejected."

"The lying is coming from the regime, from Obama. And Clinton wrote the book on it. Clinton lied so much in the 1990s the media was doing stories on how lying was good for everybody, how lying was helpful. It spared people hurt feelings."

"As an independent you are highly valued. Independents make the world go round, as as opposed to moderates. Moderates and independents are two different things. A moderate's nothing more than a liberal without the guts to say so."

"I think a lot of these independents today are ex-Republicans. Can't prove it. Just one of these gut feelings that I've got."

"There's nothing that anybody could say, and there's nothing that could happen, short of Obama doing a 180 and becoming a different guy, that would make me support him. It would just never happen, because conservatism is an intellectual pursuit, and it results from an attachment to the founding of the country and to the notion of freedom and liberty and the role of government and that whole equation."

"I just think it would be a shame if the country misses out on such a good guy as Romney seems to be. I think it would be a real, real shame. Just the contrast in the two culturally and substantively. Romney knows it isn't about him. With Obama, everything's about him."


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