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Romney Camp: Our Internals Didn't Leak
RUSH: The Romney campaign is saying that the Daily Mail story yesterday about their internals, not true.  Their internals have not leaked.  They have not told anybody what their internals are.  The story had that Romney was up a point and a half in Ohio and tied in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania.  None of that's true.  Romney's camp has not leaked their internals, they're not out. 

Howard Dean: Only Fraud Can Defeat Obama
RUSH: Howard Dean has just said the only way Obama can lose Ohio is if people are prevented from casting their ballots there.  So here we are at about one o'clock in the afternoon Eastern on Election Day and the Democrats are already starting to make excuses for losing Ohio.  And I'll tell you why this is happening, 'cause Howard Dean, anybody else can look at these early voting numbers.  These early voting numbers are public.  They're known.  Obama early voting down 4% in Obama counties from 2008, up 14% in Republican counties.  Right on schedule, here comes Howard Dean, "The only way Obama can lose Ohio is if there's fraud," as if our guys are not allowed to vote.

New Black Panthers Out in Force Again in Philly
RUSH: Meanwhile, it's the New Black Panthers that have positioned themselves in Philadelphia again.  You want to talk about preventing people from voting, the only people doing that are Democrats. 


RUSH: In Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Inquirer -- two things.  What's happened in Philadelphia, the New Black Panthers showed up again.  They've got every right to be there and do what they did last election because Eric Holder dropped the investigation into them. They got billy clubs.  They can intimidate voters.  Eric Holder dropped the case from the 2008 election.  So the New Black Panthers have shown up in various parts of Philadelphia.  In addition to that, the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Republican polling inspectors who are court appointed election officials are reportedly being thrown out by the head judges of elections who are elected Democrats in some areas around Philadelphia. 

Now, "The Romney campaign is reporting that 75 Republican poll watchers have been barred from precinct polling places in Philadelphia, in some cases by Democrats saying, 'No Republicans will be allowed in the polling place.' The GOP has gone to court and obtained an order from the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas requiring the Republicans to be admitted to the polls and seated per their legal authority.  A Pennsylvania judge also issued an order Tuesday to reinstate Republican election officials across Philadelphia who allegedly were ejected or refused entry."  But who knows what shenanigans took place after they were thrown out.  It is Philadelphia. 

That's why the Philadelphia suburbs, Bucks County, et al, are so important today, because I mean, the fix is in, in Philadelphia.  The city.  You know, whether Obama is in trouble or not, whether Pennsylvania's in play or not, Philadelphia is what it is.  This woulda probably happened regardless.  But it may not have happened with as much intensity or in such great numbers.  It may not have resulted in as many Republican inspectors being refused admittance.  But, I mean, this is just machine power politics.  This is the same kind of stuff that goes on in Chicago.  It's democracy.  It's democracy.

Scott Rasmussen: I Have No Idea
RUSH: Scott Rasmussen says he has no idea; it's still too close to call. He has no clue. It's the first time in his career as a pollster that he has no idea what's gonna happen in the election. And I think I've figured it out. I think that's probably true. I think none of the pollsters have any idea what's gonna happen, which is why all these polls show it tied within the margin of error. Nobody knows.

In fact, it is rare that anybody knows before an election what's gonna happen. I mean, there are very few times that circumstances are such that you just know. You know, '64 was one of those times. I mean, the electorate's a different demographic makeup and all that than 1980, but in 1980 nobody knew. You remember that? That Reagan landslide in 1980, I'll never forget that. Jimmy Carter conceded before the California polls were closed.

The polling of that election in 1980, nobody knew. They had it toss-up. Some even had Carter ahead. Now, there weren't nearly as many polls back then. There weren't nearly as many polls as often back then. And much different voter demographic, ethnic makeup and so forth. It was entirely different. But still, the parallels are fascinating nevertheless, just for the sake of discussion. They have no clue.

Dan Rather Predicts Good Night for Romney
RUSH: Dan Rather was on MSNBC this morning. He was on with Joe Scarborough. Dan Rather said that he thinks Mitt Romney is gonna have a very good day today. I don't know anybody else in the lib media saying that. (interruption) Romney does look good. What do you mean, "Romney looks good"? (interruption) Oh. I'm told that Romney looks good today. He doesn't look nervous, doesn't look worn out.




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