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AP: America is Still Racist... Maybe It was the Voting Machines... State-Run Media Theme: Obama Has No Mandate... Van Hollen: If GOP Doesn't Agree to Tax Hikes, We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff... NYT: Country Moved Right, But Not Enough...

So What Do We Do? Out Liberal the Left?

RUSH: Does that mean open the borders and embrace the illegals?  I want you to think about this.  Is that what this means?  Is that what the Republican establishment means?  We've gotta reach out to Hispanics, is that what they mean?  If we're not getting the female vote, do we become pro-choice?  Do we start passing out birth control pills?  Is that what we have to do? 

Obama's Policies Crush Those Who Voted for Him

RUSH: Obama's policies are crushing women, young people. Look at student loan debt, look at the lack of jobs, look at the cost of college tuition. Obama's making everything worse. These people showed up in droves. Why? Ditto Hispanics and their unemployment, and he didn't even come through for 'em on immigration, and they still showed up. Why? 

Will Chris Christie Pay Any Price?

RUSH: I don't think anybody else, at this point, knows what the long-term effects are gonna be. Because there will be other events that are gonna happen that will give him a chance to fix it or make it worse.


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