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AP: America is Still Racist
RUSH: The Associated Press said that this nation is more racist today than it was in 2008. AP, that's been a theme of theirs: We're more racist today than in 2008. Yet we just gave the first African-American president a Mulligan. We just gave him a do-over. What a racist nation this is. Ho, man.

Maybe It was the Voting Machines
RUSH:  Folks, there is another explanation for this.  Voting machines, all of them are rigged.  The exit polling is BS.  George Soros planned all of that to support the results, and he just let a couple Republicans win House races to make it look like he didn't rig everything.  That's a possibility, too.  (laughing)

State-Run Media Theme: Obama Has No Mandate

RUSH: Folks, there are quite a few facts -- a lot of facts, actually -- that will emerge after the election yesterday, including just how engaged all of us were. We knew the stakes were high. Obama's reelection, it will be enough for him to claim a mandate. And you know what his mandate's gonna be? What's Obama's mandate? (interruption) No, it's Bush's fault! That's... (interruption) Well, that's the mandate I...

What else could they mandate be? They're gonna... They can make the mandate.. In fact, I've got stories! I've got stories! Here, Ron Fournier: "Obama Victory Comes with No Mandate." In fact, I've got stories here. Let me just tell you this. NPR, ABC News, US News & World Report, Christian Science Monitor, and a bunch of small local papers all have stories how Obama has no mandate.

He didn't run on any issues. Some people think is the first sign of the press now saying, "Okay, second term, Barack. Honeymoon's over." Fine. But Ron Fournier? I mean, he was in the tank for Obama. No mandate. He doesn't have a mandate. Now, as far as Obama's supporters concerned, his mandate is whatever he wants to do. The best I can come up with is his mandate is to blame Bush and the Republicans for four more years.

'Cause that's what he did the first four.

Now, he's gonna claim that he's got a mandate to expand the government even more, beyond anything that we've ever known.

We've suffered a setback, folks, but we have not given up on our principles. And that's important. Nobody is giving up. But we are facing reality here. We've got two things that happened here. We are either outnumbered and are losing ground or one of the most outrageous thefts of an election in the history of elections taken place. One of those two things happened. You take your pick, but reality is reality.

Van Hollen: If GOP Doesn't Agree to Tax Hikes, We're Going Over the Fiscal Cliff
RUSH: Okay. Here's how it works. Chris Van Hollen, he's the number two or three guy in the House Democrats. Here's from Maryland, and he just said (summarized), "If the Republicans do not go along with Obama's tax increases on the rich, then we have a financial collapse awaiting." Were those his words, "financial collapse"? (interruption) We're going over "the fiscal cliff." If we Republicans don't agree to Obama's tax increases on the rich, we're going over "the fiscal cliff."

Now, you could confiscate every dollar of income of a million dollars or over. You could take every dollar -- not tax, just take everything -- anybody has over a million dollars and you wouldn't make a dent in our deficit. You couldn't run the government for more than a month. So Chris Van Hollen is telling us that we are going over the fiscal cliff. We are going to go over the fiscal cliff, folks.

Everybody in the Obama camp knows we are going over the fiscal cliff. Whether we raise taxes on the rich or not, we're going over the cliff! Raising taxes, confiscating the wealth's money would not save us. There isn't the money. But this is how this works now. This is how they do it. The pressure is on now the Republicans. It's not Obama, you see, whose policies are gonna take us over the fiscal cliff.

Oh-ho-ho, no! It's these Republican creeps that won't go along with tax increases!

NYT: Country Moved Right, But Not Enough
 RUSH: Now, get this. The New York Times just posted a graphic: "How Obama Won Reelection." You know what their subhead is? "Most of the nation shifted to the right in Tuesday's vote, but not far enough to secure a win for Mitt Romney." I wish I had time to delve into that. Maybe tomorrow, my friends. And remember: It's hard to vote against Santa Claus.




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