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Pearls of Wisdom

"Obama got ten million fewer voters than he got in 2008. The outcome is not the way it's being spun and portrayed for you everywhere in the media."

"I'm just gonna tell the Republican Party right now: If you think that the only reason you're not winning presidential races is because you're not for amnesty and 'cause you're not for abortion, you're wrong. If you change to that, if you moderate or modify your positions, you're gonna cease to exist because those who are with you are gonna abandon you."

"You don't need a position paper with all kinds of footnotes and stuff to explain the Democrat Party. Just say, 'Yeah, we're outnumbered by people who vote Santa Claus,' and it's like a veil has been lifted and they want to close it. They didn't like us to see it that way. Boy, folks, I can't tell you the grief I'm getting from the left over that comment. It must have hit home."

"We have 23 million people unemployed in this country. They all have, for the most part, a telephone, a place to live, a flat screen, a car, and they're eating. That's not the way people lived on unemployment, say, in the Great Depression or say in the 1970s, even."

"You can't look at the Republican convention this past summer and say the Republicans are not inclusive. The only way you can say the Republicans are not inclusive is because the Republicans are not willing to ignore the law."

"Does really anybody associate the Democrat Party with hard work? When you think of the Democrat Party, what do you think is the attraction people have for it? Their compassion. What does that mean?"

"John McCain did more for amnesty than any Republican ever has. Did it help him? Did he win the election in 2008? Did John McCain get the Hispanic vote?"

"Folks, what's gonna happen the next four years if Obama's true to form, that's the problem here. The mechanism for recovery isn't going to be there."

"Everybody accepts a visit from Santa Claus. Why, you're entitled to it. It's a national holiday getting stuff on December 25th. With the Democrats, it's every day."

"This election result was not the result of a major demographic shift, and it did not happen because the Republicans lost on a major demographic shift. I'm not denying demographics are changing in America. The Republicans didn't get their vote out. Pure and simple."

"I should make a point: The Democrat Party is the party of FREE stuff. The Republican Party wants you to have stuff, too. It's just that you ought to earn it. Earn it. Work for it."

"When a party presents as its root to success hard work and the other party's presenting Santa Claus, what is going to win? Santa Claus is free stuff."

"Under Obama, the welfare rolls in this country increased by 32%. Food stamps? There was a 71% increase in the number of people on food stamps. We can't deny what's happening here, to and in our country."

"The Democrat Party is the party of free stuff. The Democrat Party is the party that takes care of you when you don't work. The Democrat Party is the party that's gonna punish the people who do work with higher taxes. Why does anybody vote Democrat? It is not Democrat immigration policy."

"I never am at a loss for words. I know exactly what I'm going to say, I say it, I love hearing myself say it, oftentimes so much I repeat it."

"What is this business, we need labor? We've got 23 million people in this country out of work! We need subminimum-wage labor. I know some of them won't do farm work. But regardless, the point is, the Hispanic vote... Republicans, f they don't realize this, it's sayonara."

"It's just funny. No matter where you went in the media, the left was bouncing off of me. So since they're bouncing off of me, let me repeat. Three million Republicans, mainly white voters, didn't vote."

"Folks, it is what it is. We didn't lose the election on Tuesday because we're pro-choice or pro-life; we did not lose the election because single women hate us and don't like us. That's not why we lost. We might not be getting a majority of those votes, but when three million of our own people don't show up, it doesn't matter who on the Democrat side we're not getting."

"By the way, California is where we are headed. California is almost, folks, a microcosm for where the country is headed. I mean, they're Balkanized out there. It's a bunch of different states. The rich live in a few places and the rest of the state is dying. It's a shame, actually."

"With the spending in California, the level of taxation in that state, the streets ought to be paved with gold out there. And California's exactly what Obama wants to do, folks. We have a microcosm out there for where the country is headed."

"Romney's core values are family and charity. That is his core. His core may not be conservatism, but his core is clearly family charity, morality. It's undeniable."

"It's really not the government that's Santa Claus. It's the Democrat Party that's Santa Claus. When you get right down to it, it's the Democrat Party that's promising all this freebie stuff."

"Something tells me that there is nobody else, besides this guy, serving time in prison for using an alias and having a fake driver's license. California is letting murderers and rapists out of prison early because there's overcrowding. But this guy, the filmmaker, is in jail for a year. I wonder if he tweeted something to make the Iranians mad, 'cause they fired on us."


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