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Democrats Won This Election on Turnout in 5 States


RUSH: Back to the phones, because it is Open Line Friday.  This is Rob in Columbus, Ohio.  Glad you waited, sir.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  Believe me, it's a great honor and privilege and I'm just so very glad that I was able to get through.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  Well, you're a hero. 

RUSH:  Thank you very much for that.  I appreciate it.

CALLER:  Sure.  Well, I mean, you're a hero, and I enjoy your humor especially because it's a combination of the truth, which all good humor is based in.  And I wanted to throw a word that I kind of like that explains exactly why Romney will not be picked as any assistant for Barack Obama, because it's a combination of the word "backwards" and "Barack."  Baraka Claus wants to take us Barackwards.  Barackwards is where he really wants to go.  But anyways, my phone call was about this amazing coincidence of the 47% that was being used before the election and Romney used that exact percent, and it was taken out of context and used by the Democrats. 

And now all of the polls suddenly reflect that exact 47%.  And it just stands to reason that there's a possibility that just like the regime could manipulate the media, for example, with the YouTube video and Libya -- and, you know, that Libyan video, YouTube video came out before Libya was attacked, publicized before just by coincidence and then used knowingly by the regime that the YouTube video had nothing to do with it.  Well, isn't it amazing how the last days of the polls, is it possible that the polls could be manipulated by the regime, because all the indicators were that the Tea Party was rocking and rolling and Obama's campaign events were not nearly as strong as they were in 2008.  Romney was the opposite.  Everybody was enthusiastic, way more people showing up to his campaign events, and then, amazingly, without explanation, everybody's scratching their heads that suddenly it was a tie at 50-50 before the election, the last day, and then after Election Day, it just happens to be 47% that the Democrats would loved to -- they look at that 47% again, "ha ha."

RUSH:  But who is the 47%, in your analogy?  The people that voted for Romney?

CALLER:  Exactly.  And they're trying to throw it back in Romney's face, kind of like, look what we can do.  Maybe it's not.  Maybe it's just a pure coincidence, but when you have a regime that can do things like defraud the world about what really happened, by trying to blame it on a YouTube video, these guys are not trustworthy.  I'm not gonna drink the Kool-Aid about these polls just yet.  It's confusing.  Things still don't make sense.

RUSH:  I hate to disagree with you.  I think one of the lessons here is that the polls, preelection and exit, were right on the money.  They were exactly right.  The polls even told us that there were going to be three million fewer Republican voters, and we did not have the wherewithal to see it.  We're looking at polls that show a Democrat sample of plus seven, plus nine, plus six, and we don't believe it.  We think that the polls are being rigged beforehand.  It turns out that they were exactly right.  The pollsters guessed right on the money about turnout. They got Obama's margin of victory pretty close.  I mean, they hedged their bets on that.  Most people had it Romney plus one or a tie.  But if you look, if you look at a county-by-county map of what party won what county, you're gonna see -- and Republicans are red, Democrats are blue -- you look at this, and you will not understand how the Republicans lose elections, if that's all you look at. 

The Democrats -- here's the lesson -- the Democrats won this election in five states.  They got their vote out better than we did in Ohio, Virginia, Florida, it looks like, close enough. And some of the other states that we thought were in the bag or close were not anywhere near close.  Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, nowhere near close.  Colorado, Nevada, nowhere near close.  But the Democrats won this election in five states.  That's where they got the electoral votes they knew they needed.  That's where they got their turnout, and we didn't.  And the polls called this right on the money.  So it doesn't matter that Romney's enthusiasm at his rallies was through the roof and Obama's was nowhere near.  The votes didn't happen at those rallies.  It's why I kept rejecting all that stuff. I kept begging people, "Look, it's anecdotal, it looks good, but please don't make any value judgments based on it."  Anyway, it's hard not to, I know. 


RUSH: Here's Rona in Tonopah, Arizona.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.

RUSH:  Hi.

CALLER:  I've been waiting a long time.  I know we have time constraints so I'll try to check my propensity to go on and on about things.  I have a thousand different ideas, but I'll try to keep it limited.  First of all, I wanted to say, I listen to Fox a lot, Beckel, Juan Williams, Julie Roginsky, and I'm sick and tired of them giving us advice on how to vote to win.  I'm a single white female, unmarried woman, and I'm being told, "Your vote doesn't count.  You know, you're old, you're anachronistic, we need to move on."  And I'm also a Christian.  And I'm not gonna change my views to get along.  I am still anti-abortion --

RUSH:  See, that's the problem.  If you are single white female -- unmarried?


RUSH:  You're target audience for the Democrats, as long as you're --

CALLER:  I'm not a Democrat.

RUSH:  You gotta have a lot of sex, you have to have a lot of sex, I mean that's part and parcel of it, have to have a lot of sex, need a lot of birth control pills and an occasional abortion, and you are made to order for the Democrat Party.

CALLER:  Well, you know what, Rush, I'm old enough to know better.  (laughing) 

RUSH:  Oh, you're over 30.  Okay, then that does disqualify you.

CALLER:  Yeah, I'm not the people they want.  I listen to you sometimes and you'll be on a subject and I'll think something and then you'll turn right around and say it, and I'm like, "I just thought that."

RUSH:  Doesn't that make you feel good, though?

CALLER:  Yeah.  But, you know, I did want to make a point about Beckel and, you know, "You need to do this and you need to do that and your vote doesn't count if you're white." I'm not gonna change my values to get elected, okay?  And number one, these people that say, "Romney had the people until Sandy."  You have no principles if your mind can be changed over a storm.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  You don't have any.

RUSH:  That's all bogus.  That's all stuff designed to confuse you and other people like you.  Believe me, if votes turned on the appearance of Obama in the aftermath of Sandy, then he is Santa Claus.  There's no other reason for the vote to turn.  He's gonna come in and give stuff away. He's gonna come in and help.  He is Santa Claus.  That's the only way it can matter.  It's all a crock, and you see it.  I'm glad you do. 



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