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Hispandering: Is That What We Need to Do?


RUSH: Here's Felipe in Jackson, Tennessee. Hi, Felipe. Glad you called. You're up first today on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Mr. Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very good, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Good, good, good. I'm glad. It's a privilege for me to be able to speak with you.

RUSH: Well, I appreciate that, Felipe. It's great to have you here.


RUSH: You're gonna tell me that you are a former Republican but I turned you into a Democrat?

CALLER: No, no, no, no. I've never been a Democrat or Republican.


CALLER: I come here in the early eighties, and I was one of the beneficiaries when our president, Ronald Reagan, for me, that has been the best president the United States has ever seen. And he gave amnesty, I understood that's true, and I was one of the beneficiaries of that. And I became a US citizen not too long ago, about '06. And '04 I was not able to vote. In '08 I just decided not to vote for nobody. And now, this time I vote for -- this is what I wanted to say. This is my point. Many of us do not vote for freebies from the Democrats, that's true. They are, just like you say, like Santa Claus. And this is how --

RUSH: Papa Noel.

CALLER: -- how I choose my candidate. The first thing I check, who is pro-life, who is against abortion, who is in favor of the Second Amendment, who is in favor of --

RUSH: So you are one of the 25% of Hispanics --

CALLER: I do not consider myself Democrat or Republican. I consider myself independent because it's not easy, but even if I find a good Democrat with good family values, good principles, I will vote for them, but like I say, it's not easy to find one on the whole Democrat field. But that's how I choose my candidate. And I thought this year, you know, I had to ask me who I vote for --

RUSH: Okay. So what we're hearing from Felipe, ladies and gentlemen, he is one of the 25% of Hispanics that does not vote for the Democrat Party for the reasons most do. What he's telling us is, he votes issues, he votes principles, and so forth. And they are out there. There's no question they're out there. So he's talking about Hispanic outreach. This, I think, people like Felipe is what theoretically the Republicans mean by reaching out. They've already got those. The Republican message is known. Conservatism is -- well, I take that back. It's not really. You know, there aren't enough Republicans who cheerfully, from the heart articulate conservatism. But he gets it. He gets it. And look, he wants to make sure everybody knows he's not one of the 75% who votes with the Democrat because of Santa Claus or immigration policy or what have you.


RUSH: Folks, you'll remember this when I remind you of it. We did the story on this program. Barack Obama, in coordination with the Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, was running television ads. The United States government was running television ads in Mexico targeted at Mexicans who planned on coming to the United States. And do you know what the commercials were about? How to get food stamps. Now, what is that? There's a word for that. It's called Hispandering. Hispandering. Advising people how to get free stuff. The Obama administration, commercials in Mexico. What do you call that? 


RUSH:  By the way, folks, just to clarify, those Obama USDA commercials for food stamps in Mexico, they were run on Spanish soap operas on the radio.  They were radio ads on Spanish soap operas in Mexico, and they advertised coming to America and getting food stamps.  So don't tell me that the Democrat Party does not present itself as the party of stuff.  We all know that it does.  Free stuff.

For those of you, I don't know how many of our EIB back stations JIPped the president and cut out of this program, but if you did, you're back now if that happened, I just want to tell you that you missed a couple of things that we pointed out on this program.  One is that the Obama administration did indeed run ads on Spanish language radio shows in Mexico.  Radio soap operas advising Mexicans coming to America how to get on food stamps.  Now, what is that if that's not Santa Claus?  He wasn't advising them how to come here and find work, because at the time the ads were running there wasn't any.  Heck, there isn't now, either.  The second thing is, Jonathan Alter, writing in Bloomberg, has a story, how Obama can heal his rift with business.

See, the Republicans, they've got outreach problems with Hispanics and African-Americans and single women and women who want abortions and women who want birth control pills.  But Obama has to repair his relationship with business.  Really?  Now, if we were to treat Obama and the Democrats the same way the Republicans are being advised, what we would say to Obama is, you want to reach out to business?  You better do all the things Romney suggested that he would do.  Well, isn't that what they're telling us?  The Republicans ought to do everything the Democrats do, and then we would get the Hispanics.  You think the Democrats want us to have the Hispanic vote?  You think the Democrats want us to have the African-American vote?

So why would we listen to them tell us what we need to do to get it?  The fact is we're not gonna get the Hispanic vote unless we try to be a bigger Santa Claus than they are, or any of the other minority votes.  Because that's why people vote for the Democrat Party.  You may not like hearing it, may offend you, but why else do they?  Well, they're not racist and -- yeah, but at the end of the day, what does it really mean? 


RUSH: I want to take you back again.  Ronald Reagan, 1986, if you're just joining us, 1986, Ronald Reagan signed into law the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty bill which granted amnesty to three million illegals.  And we were told that that was it, okay, we got it done now, and we're gonna secure the border and we've solved the problem; there won't be any more illegal immigration.  Well, we all know we're up to between 12 and 20 million illegals now, and we're talking about doing it all over again. 

But in 1984, two years before amnesty, Ronald Reagan got 37% of the Hispanic vote.  Two years later, 1986, signs into law amnesty, granting status, citizenship, to three million illegals.  Two years after that, George H. W. Bush, the veep, runs for president as a Republican and got 30% of the Hispanic vote.  So Reagan before amnesty got 37%.  After amnesty, the Republicans got 30%.  We lost Hispanic voters after amnesty.  Now, I don't know if amnesty is why we lost 7% of the Hispanic vote, but we sure as hell didn't increase it with amnesty.  And yet here we are in 2012, and all the wizards of smart, all the smart people say we gotta do it again.  "You Republicans, I mean, you're Neanderthals, you gotta be like us Democrats," which of course is what the Democrats want, right? 

I think they'd love it.  If the Republican Party caved, if the Republican Party gave up and just became Democrats that called themselves Republicans, that'd be cool, they'd be cool with that.  So, carrying this forward, if we want outreach for the single women vote, we now have to be pro-abortion and we have to be in favor of giving away birth control pills as part of every health insurance policy in the country.  That's the ticket, right?  I mean, how else are we gonna get those voters, folks?  We have to reach out, and next, we gotta reach out to the gay community and understand they're not happy with us, 'cause we're not for gay marriage on the Republican side.  Well, we gotta throw that aside and the Republican Party now has to openly support gay marriage, as part of the Republican Party getting with it.  Yeah, getting out of this hole that we're digging, we've gotta get real here, in the twenty-first century.  We understand where this country is. 

So we have to now promote and favor abortion, birth control pills, amnesty for illegal aliens, and gay marriage.  That's right.  The next thing we have to do, if we want to have a prayer at the young hip vote, we have got to come out for the legalization of marijuana right now.  Not next year, not next century, not next decade, but right now, we need to support the legalization of drugs starting with marijuana.  This is easy once you get the hang of it.  You just say "yes" to everything anybody wants.  It's easy.  Just say "yes," or, if you can't say "yes", you just make 'em think that you're saying "yes."  That's an even better trick.  Make them think you are for gay marriage, make them think that you're gonna promote abortion.  But whatever, that's the ticket, folks, that's what we, as Republicans, are learning that we need to do.  Whatever anybody wants, we say you got it. 


Yes, Mr. Snerdley, a question from the program observer.  The conservatives, well, they're just gonna have to realize that there's such a -- doesn't care what the conservatives do.  The best thing they can do is shut up.  That's what all smart people say. Conservatives, be they elite opinion leaders or talk radio, shut up.  The Republican Party needs to shut conservatives up, silence them, don't listen to them complaining and whining and moaning, just say "yes" to whatever these groups want, that's the ticket, that's what the Republican Party has to do. If you listen to the Republican Party leadership, some of them are getting it. Oh, and we must also understand that we have to raise taxes.

Folks, as a party, we're not gonna survive if we don't do these things.  This is what the smart people are telling us.  No matter where you go in Washington, this is what the smart people are telling us.  And, Snerdley, you say what about the people complaining? They're just angry old, white men. I mean, they're just the party's old and white and angry, and you gotta ignore them.  They're the past.  They're the source of all the trouble in this country, old, white guys.  They're the reason the party's in trouble.  The Republican Party has got to find a way to just distance itself from those people.  Do you dispute that that's what we're hearing? 

We're hearing it from Charlie Cook. We are hearing it from Diane Sawyer. We're hearing it from everybody in the media.  We're hearing it from a lot of Republican consultants. We're hearing it from a lot of so-called conservative media types.  All of this is what equals the Republican Party modernizing.  This is how we grow.  We have to throw away our deadweight, the old, white conservative guys, get rid of 'em.  They're the ones dragging us down.  And say "yes" to everything everybody wants.  Santa Claus. 



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