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Mitt Romney, Republican Minorities, are Hated By the Left


RUSH: Mitt Romney is everything about this country Obama despises.  Everything.  He's too normal.  He's too rich.  He violates the Obama way to get things done, sort of like Clarence Thomas is despised by the Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton.  You know why?  Because Clarence Thomas has become the most powerful in his position, he is the most eminently qualified for what he does, and he got there without going through the traditional prescriptions said to be necessary for African-Americans by the civil rights coalition. 

He didn't need them.  He got there on his own.  That can't be allowed to be seen.  You can't have Clarence Thomas be a role model.  You can't have Condoleezza Rice be a role model for African-Americans.  That won't work.  The Democrat Party is the role model.  The Democrat Party and government and victimization and grievance politics.  That's how you get anywhere if you're a minority.  Now, you watch, I'll be criticized for that because, "This is the kind of talk, see, Limbaugh, you start talking this way and then you start alienating African-Americans and minorities and they're never gonna vote Republican, it's all because of you."  Okay, well, I'm just telling you the truth, just like I'm telling you the truth about why Hispanics vote for the Democrat Party. 

I'm just gonna tell you again, if you think, any of you Republicans, any of you Republicans whose job it is to win elections, you consultants, candidates, if you think that the Democrat Party gets the majority of the Hispanic vote because of immigration policy, you are being fooled, you are buying a lie.  That is not why 75% of the Hispanics who vote for the Democrat Party do so.  It is everything to do with the social safety net. It's everything to do with progressive taxation. It's everything to do with class envy. It's everything to do with raising taxes on the rich and getting even with those people.


RUSH:  Okay.  I got an e-mail.  "Rush:  I really think you need to knock it off.  You've been criticizing Obama for four years, and it didn't work.  I feel so confident. He is so full of ideas on compromising and changing things to turn us around.  It was great to hear from him three days after the election talking about job creation and helping people get together to help business and create jobs.  I feel so much better." 

And then there was a caller to C-SPAN today, called Fred Barnes.  He was a guest on C-SPAN.  The caller was Dorothy from Baltimore.  She claimed to be a conservative, and she said, (paraphrasing) "Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Fox News, they need to calm down because they're putting you, Mr. Barnes, in a box so that you can't talk to the Latinos and the blacks.  If the Limbaughs would just stop and just say some positive things.  Let's hear some ideas.  I'm a conservative, but it's hard for me to vote for the Republicans if you've got these people talking.  They're alienating the Republican Party.  They're doing it.  They're becoming the voice.  So they're turning people off because it's like a hate group out there for the Republicans." 

Okay.  But back to the first e-mail.  That lady is not a conservative, by the way, she just said so.  "But, you know, Rush, I like the president getting together with businesspeople.  I think this needs to happen.  He's been excluding businesspeople. I think it's good that he's getting together and help creating jobs.  That's what we all need.  Why can't you be helpful?" 

Here's the problem, folks.  You get right down to it, businesspeople know how to create jobs.  They already know how to create jobs.  There is nothing Barack Obama can teach them about that.  This is the fundamental problem.  We have people who think that just because there are powerful people in government that they've got all the answers to everything.  Santa Claus.  All the answers.  Barack Obama has never created a job in his life.  He doesn't know what's involved.  Why would businesses want to go up and learn anything from Obama?  He's got nothing he can teach them.  He doesn't know what they go through.  He doesn't know what their lives are like. 

He has a preconceived notion of businesspeople and it basically is that they all have a lot of money and a lot of the money they have they came by screwing people, by making too much profit, by charging people for this that they should have given away, by charging too much for other things, by taking advantage of people, and that's Obama view of business.  The oil business pollutes.  The oil business is destroying the climate.  Somebody has to go in and rein them in and maybe even shut 'em down.  But we live in an era where the vast majority -- well, it's not a vast, but we're outnumbered here.  We live in an era where a majority of Americans believe that the government has all the answers to every problem that's out there.  It's how they've been raised. It's how they've been taught.  It's what they genuinely believe.  But I'm telling you, there isn't a business owner in this country who has anything he can learn from Barack Obama because Obama doesn't know what he's talking about. 



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