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NY/NJ Needs More Faith in Its Government


RUSH: In other news related to the hurricane, the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast. We're now at day 11 with no power in parts of New Jersey and New York.  And I just want to tell all of you there, don't worry.  The government's on the case.  Governor Christie's on the case, Governor Cuomo's on the case.  Oh, well, Governor Cuomo's blaming Con Ed, and Con Ed's planning a rate increase.  I don't know if you heard this or not.  Yeah, Con Ed's gonna raise rates 'cause they've missed out on a lot of revenue with this outage.  You don't know how that works?  Con Ed, there hasn't been any power to charge anybody for.  They've lost a lot of revenue.  They've gotta make back the revenue they lost during the outage. 

So when your power goes back on, there's also going to be a rate increase from Con Ed, but don't worry about that, because Governor Cuomo is really giving them the business about it. Governor Cuomo, he's not gonna put up with it.  Now, Governor Christie is, well... I think all of you in New Jersey, be confident in your government.  Your government's on the case.  You have a lot of expectations.  This was a big storm to have the power out for 11 days. If you think it should be back on now, you need to have more faith in your government.  They're working hard. 

And, remember, if you see a homeless person in New York, you are not permitted to donate food.  Mayor Doomberg has said that food donations to the homeless are not permitted because there is nobody in place right now to check the salt and fat content of the food that you are donating, and therefore no donations are permitted.  And of course that makes perfect sense.  I mean, we wouldn't want to give people who are starving or haven't had food in a while, stuff that is not nutritious.  We wouldn't want to give people food with too much salt, too much fat content, it would be unhealthy.  Even when they're hungry, that's right, the mayor is exactly right about this.  Even in the midst of starvation, you still can't give people food without first checking the salt and fat content.  You people need to stop worrying in New York and New Jersey.  Your government's on the case.  They'll fix it. 

"Liquor Drought Looms in New Jersey After Sandy Floods Distributor’s Warehouse."
From the New York Post: "Floodwaters from the massive hurricane smashed --"


RUSH: "Floodwaters from the massive hurricane smashed a New Jersey liquor distributor, causing tens of millions of dollars in damage to its supply of top-shelf alcohol, the company said.  Yesterday, a sad mix of liquor and slush puddled on the ground outside Fedway Associates Inc.’s warehouse in Kearny -- where the smell of red wine hung in the air as workers piled boxes and broken glass into an 8-foot-tall mountain.  The devastating deluge smashed bottles of pricy libations such as Grey Goose vodka and Cristal Champagne --"  That's gonna be tough on P. Diddy.  P. Diddy and Jay-Z live on this stuff.  They live on Cristal. 

It's described here as "a river of booze pouring onto a pile of soggy cardboard.  Our office building and warehouse buildings were hit with 10-foot tidal surges and, as a result, our infrastructure and inventories were severely compromised," said the president of Fedway, Neil Barnett.  What do you think we could get shipped in there faster, gasoline or booze?  Booze?  I think so, too.  You know, gasoline shortages are one thing, but a liquor shortage, that's gonna get people upset.  New Jersey?  New York?  And we don't even have to relax the rules like we do for gasoline.  We don't need any regulation adjustments. 

People think I'm making this up about the homeless.  Here it is, from CBS, New York.  Mayor Bloomberg outlawed food donations to homeless shelters because "the city can't assess their salt, fat, and fiber content," says Marcia Kramer of CBS News.  "Glenn Richter arrived at a West Side synagogue on Monday to collect surplus bagels -- fresh nutritious bagels -- to donate to the poor. However, under a new edict from Bloomberg’s food police he can no longer donate the food to city homeless shelters," because they're not being tested.  I'm not making this stuff up, folks.



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