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Prez Should Tap Romney as Secretary of Business


RUSH: Interesting story here from Jonathan Alter at Bloomberg.  Let me giving you the headline: "How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business."  Now, we're getting stories all over the place how the Republicans can heal their rift with Hispanics. How Republicans can reach out to the African-Americans.  How Republicans can reach out to women.  Here's a story, "How Obama Can Heal His Rift With Business."  I have an idea.  Obama talked about having a secretary of business, right?  Now, we already have one.  It's called the secretary of commerce.  But Obama talked about having a secretary of business.  I got an idea.  Appoint Mitt Romney as secretary of business.  Snerdley's in there laughing. 

You shouldn't laugh.  It would be bipartisan, just like Clinton and Bush going off to ravaged tsunami areas and hurricanes and all this stuff. The parties working together, what a great optic this would be after a divisive election where the country is considered to be divided and going farther apart.  You could clearly do that.  So appoint Mitt Romney secretary of business.  But actually, it is a story here about how Obama now has to repair his badly damaged relationship with the business community which overwhelmingly supported Romney.  And, of course, what this presumes is that Obama wants to heal his rift with business.  What all this presumes is, Obama wants business to do well.  All this presumes that Obama wants business to prosper and thrive. 

Well, there isn't any evidence of that right now.  The four years of the Obama administration, look at the economic policies, they're clear anti-business.  They're anti-entrepreneur.  They are anti-job creation.  There hasn't been anything in the slightest regard that has been oriented toward job creation other than the stimulus and other government programs, but what's happening is the private sector's shrinking.  Money is being taken away from the private sector via any number of government programs.  The government's what's swelling; the government's what's getting bigger.  And now we've got the fiscal cliff that everybody's worried we're about to head over.  Taxmageddon coming up, January, and we've got Obamacare about to be fully implemented and all kinds of new taxes and new regulations. 

So we got to have everybody get together and try to come up with an answer to Taxmageddon and the fiscal cliff.  Because the Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, says if this Taxmageddon happens and if we go off the financial cliff, go off the fiscal cliff, that we're looking at another recession.  Oh.  Did you hear one of the theories to explain Romney's loss?  And of course there are many.  Romney was too singularly focused on the economy.  And what he missed was, and what we all missed was, that the economy was getting better.  There were real signs of a strengthening economy, and while that was happening Romney was talking about a stinking economy. 

So Romney appeared out of touch to millions of American voters who had this sense that the economy was coming back, that the job situation was improving, the employment rate was coming down, all kinds of new jobs are being created.  Yes, that was happening, folks, that was happening and Romney just missed it.  Romney didn't see what was happening.  He was singularly focused and thought the economy would be all he would need to win the election. 

Now, how many of you think that we're in the midst of a rebounding, recovering economy?  But that's, again, part of the news that is out there.  I mean, this Jonathan Alter story, it really is comical.  Obama now has to heal his rift with business.  He ran an anti-business campaign, and he promised an anti-business climate.  He promised raising taxes.  He promised raising the capital gains tax. He promised raising taxes on investment.  He ran an anti-business campaign.  He ran an anti-Wall Street campaign.  It was part of his class envy campaign.  He painted everybody in business a la Romney as the enemy to the little guy.  The enemy to Democrat voters. 

Look at the number of people living in poverty:  one out of six.  Look at the number of people on food stamps:  47 million.  Almost double the number of people on food stamps, from the time Obama was immaculated to today.  And you look at the money that we are spending to alleviate these problems.  Look at the money that we have spent.  What was the number we had in the last week of the campaign?  Sixty thousand dollars per person spent on welfare in this country.  Sixty thousand dollars spent on poverty reduction.  And there hasn't been any poverty reduction, particularly if you look at it as percentages.


RUSH: To carry all this forward, if we're to be consistent, if Obama has a rift with business that he has to repair, he should do all the things Romney suggested that he would do. 

You know, Obama talked about a secretary of business, and I'm suggesting that Obama nominate Romney as his secretary of business.  It worked every time we put the Bushes and Clinton together for tsunami relief.  Oh, yeah, bipartisanship and working together, and look what happens when we work together.  It actually would be a smart move for Obama.  To appoint Romney to something?  And if Romney took it, it would be a huge deal for Obama.  Stop and think about it.  And I don't mean it in a good way.


RUSH: And again, I made a proposal today, and I don't want it to get dwarfed by the Obama appearance today, but before the election Obama talked about having a new cabinet position, secretary of business.  And let me put it this way.  I will not be surprised if Obama offers Romney a position in his administration.  And what better, if he's serious about the secretary of business, what better position than to put Romney in it.  Everybody on the other side of the glass is laughing uncontrollably and uproariously.  You can't see this?  Look at the tsunami and look at all these disasters, look at Haiti.  What did we do?  Obama calls Bush and Clinton and says, "I need you guys to go down there." They got on an airplane and go down there together and they talk about how wonderful the bipartisanship is, and one of the arguments is that we're divided as a country, but what better way, folks, to totally dispirit and depress the Republican Party than to nominate Romney to some position and have him take it.  Secretary of business. 

I'm just telling you, I wouldn't be surprised if it happens.  It's the way things are happening in Washington these days.  It's all for the optics.  It's not that Obama wants Romney's advice on anything.  He hates Romney.  He also doesn't like the Clintons but he's got 'em right by his side when he needs 'em.  The truth be known, he resents the hell out of him.



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