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New Orleans FEMA Trailers to NYC
RUSH:  New Orleans has got some trailers from FEMA?  What's New Orleans getting trailers from FEMA for?

Argentina is Our Future
RUSH: The number, if you do population comparisons, the number of people protesting in Argentina would equal five million in this country if you make a population adjustment.  Five million people are protesting the government.  It took 'em 11 years. The economy tanked in Argentina 11 years ago and they're just now figuring it out. 

Daniel Craig Says there'll Never Be a Bond, Gay Bond
RUSH: Daniel Craig, who plays James Bond in the new movie Skyfall, says there's no way there will ever be a gay James Bond.  Yes there will.  Of course there will.  We've gotta see where we're headed here, folks.  Of course there's gonna be a gay James Bond, and he's gonna get married in a James Bond movie.  It will happen.  All the pieces are in place.  It's just a matter of time.  It'll happen. 

Obama's Approval Rating Drops Back Down
RUSH: RUSH:  Hey.  Guess what?  Obama's approval rating is back below 50%.  Shazam.  Just like that, his approval rating is below 50%.  It's 49% approval, 45% disapproval.  Disapproval went up 1%.  What is that?  It's Friday.  What does that mean? 

We're Here for the Long Haul at EIB
RUSH:  Hi, folks.  How are you?  Great to have you here.  How many of you are surprised I am here?  How many of you people thought that I would take a vacation starting Wednesday?  Well, yes, I know Monday's Veterans Day.  What about it?  What's that got to do with me taking a vacation?  See, here I am trying to make a point.  Anyway, I'm here my friends.  We're in it for the long haul here at the EIB Network. 






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