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Pearls of Wisdom

"Do the Democrats ever, when they lose elections, openly discuss abandoning their core principles? No, they don't. What do they do? They blame the stupidity of voters, and they double down on all of it. And they say they really didn't lose anyway. They come up with excuses to explain the loss that does not have anything to do with them."

"In the media and in the public conscience, the Democrats are going to win every dispute. That's where we are in our culture right now."

"Do you really think the Democrats want to see Republicans help themselves on the issues of immigration or abortion or any other social issue on which the Democrats think they have a decided advantage? If you do, you are incompetent and unqualified."

"The Democrats will always come up with a position that tests the Republicans' limit. They'll always find some extreme position that the Republicans just can't agree with in order to be able to claim the Republicans are anti-female, anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant. There's no change in this."

"People who vote for the Democrats are unwilling to earn a lifestyle that they desire. So they vote for people who will give it to 'em. Santa Claus."

"The Republican establishment, I'm sorry to say, is nominating people that lose elections. Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, they all lost. They were all establishment-backed candidates."

"As I recall, folks, I think it was Obama who led the most divisive, class warfare-filled, deceitful campaign in my lifetime. I don't know about in the country's history. But, I mean, if there was ever anything mean or extreme, and a bunch of lying going on out there, it happened to be on the Obama side."

"Whenever a major Democrat flop or failure or embarrassment occurs, they rally around and they elevate that person so that what they stand for doesn't take a hit. They will not allow renegade individuals (and they have plenty of 'em) to do any damage to their agenda and what they believe."

"Conservatives are the only group left that doesn't orient ourselves around government."

"Does anybody really think, any of you consultants or Republicans really believe the Democrats are trying to help us change our policy to improve our electoral position? Do you really think that the Democrat Party will allow you to be seen as pro-Latino or pro-immigrant? Because if you do, you are failing to understand who you are in competition with in the political arena."

"For any of you Republicans who care: The Democrats will always be able to find a limit, an extreme policy position beyond which you Republicans will not go and agree with them. I don't care if it's abortion, immigration, taxes, whatever. The Democrats will always be able to find a position so radical and so extreme that you Republicans can't agree with it -- and at that point, what are you?"

"How did Obama win this thing? Ruthless lying, repetitive, petty, character assassination. That's what worked!"

"We really didn't run against Obama. We ran a campaign appealing to what we thought would be the common sense of the American people, but the American people that vote for Obama have abandoned reason."


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