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Rev. Jackson: Long Lines are Voter Suppression
RUSH: (laughing) Right on cue! The Reverend Jackson, ladies and gentlemen: "Long Voting Lines 'a Sign of Suppression.'" Long lines to vote are a form of voter suppression. They're always pushing left, folks, no matter what we do. No matter what the Republican Party says or does and no matter how much love it professes, they're always gonna move left.

Study: Compliments are Better Than a Raise
RUSH: Guess what, folks. Do you remember back in '90s when Clinton was lying left and right and we got stories in the New York Times about how telling lies is actually good for us, little white lies actually help spare people's feelings? Forbes has a story: "Receiving a Compliment Has Same Positive Effect as Receiving a Raise."

Do you realize now, people who have jobs are now being told: Don't expect any money, but you know what? When you get praised, it means just as much to you. Honestly, folks. "Compliments may not pay the rent, but according to new research, they help improve performance in a similar way to receiving a cash reward. Researchers recruited 48 adults for the study who were asked to learn and perform a specific finger pattern (pushing keys on a keyboard in a particular sequence as fast as possible in 30 seconds).

"Once participants had learned the finger exercise, they were separated into three groups. ... When the participants were asked to repeat the finger exercise the next day..." Don't get distracted by this procedure here. Here's the meat: "[T]he group of participants who received direct compliments from an evaluator performed significantly better than participants from the other groups. The result indicates that receiving a compliment after exercising stimulated the individuals to perform better even a full day afterward."

So, get ready.

You aren't gonna get any raises. There aren't any. In fact, your costs for health care and taxes, you better get ready. But you aren't gonna get any raises, and you aren't gonna get any bonuses. That isn't gonna happen, but if your boss will compliment you, it counts just as much. You get a thumbs up. Your boss is gonna give you a thumbs up. He's gonna call you in and say, "You are valuable. We couldn't do what we're doing without you. I'm sorry, you'll have to live on that."

That's what people are being told.

Now, here's the thing. Here's the thing that we've got to understand. People will accept this now. We have to understand, given where we are culturally, that this will be fine. We sit here and we laugh and discard this or discount this, but this will be okay. As long as it's perceived to have its roots in Obamaism, it will be okay. There will not be a revolt of workers demanding money instead of compliments. In fact, we're gonna get stories...

Remember the stories we got on the value of being unemployed and how you got closer to your family, how you got closer to your dogs? You were able to get closer to your friends, too. It's gonna be the same thing here. Lack of raises, but many compliments equals an improved self-esteem. We're gonna get stories from people, "I didn't want the money anyway." (laughing) You wait. I've learned, folks. I now know how to translate this stuff.

Cornel West: Obama is Rockefeller Republican in Blackface
RUSH: Cornel West, who has embarked on this poverty tour with Tavis Smiley at PBS... Listen to this. "During an interview last week with Democracy Now, author and activist Cornel West offered harsh criticism of President Barack Obama, calling him a 'Rockefeller Republican in blackface' and not someone who is actually looking out for the best interests of the impoverished. The prominent social critic," Cornel West who, again, is African-American, "also lashed out at black MSNBC personalities, accusing them of 'selling their souls' in support of a president who has been anything but progressive.

"'I think that it's morally obscene and spiritually profane to spend $6 billion on an election, $2 billion on a presidential election, and not have any serious discussion,' West lamented..." The thing about Cornel West, and he's right about something. Obama has left millions more impoverished, and the numbers of African-Americans in poverty grew. The number of African-Americans unemployed grew almost in geometric proportions.

The number of people on food stamps is more than we have ever had, we're told.


RUSH: Cornel West is right. He is right. There are many more impoverished in this country after all of Obama's spending and after all the spending on Obama's election. There are many more impoverished, and a lot of them are black. Now, I'll stop short of saying that Obama is "a Rockefeller Republican in blackface," but that's what Cornel West says. And, of course, he can say it.

One more little aside to you Republican consultants. I'm not taking what you're saying about me personally, 'cause it isn't new. I'm really trying to be helpful here. You know, our side really does want to win elections. We really do. Do you think maybe that this last election shows that ruthless lying and repetitive, petty character assassination works? What did they do that to Mitt Romney? You look at the vote totals. Romney and Ryan got 1.8 million fewer votes than McCain got. How did that happen?

Well, we got all kinds of arguments. Some Republicans didn't like Romney, sat home. Some didn't like his being a Mormon, sat home. What if Obama's voter suppression worked? Because that was a central element of his campaign: Depress, dispirit. What if a number of people thought it was futile anyway, that the Republicans didn't have a chance? What if Obama's voter suppression campaign did work? You know, we sit here saying, "We must reach out. We must be likable.

"We must show the Hispanics and the women that we do not threaten them and so forth." I mean, it's absurd to accept these premises about ourselves, and then tell us, "We lost the election because we're not for amnesty. We lost election because we're not for abortion. We lost the election because we're too rigid in these social issues. We lost the election because there are too many conservatives." How did Obama win this thing? Ruthless lying, repetitive, petty, character assassination. That's what worked!


RUSH:  So a memo to those of you businesses out there who are reducing hours due to Obamacare.  Do it with lavish praise and compliments, and you're covered.  No problemo.  As you tell people no new hours, no additional hours.  In fact, maybe no job.  Tell 'em how great they are and they'll walk away happy.  That is the latest news out there.  Compliments matter more than money.

Obama Plays 105th Round of Golf While Parts of NY, NJ Remain Without Power
RUSH: So Obama played his 105th round of golf while they are in day 12 or 13 without power in parts of New Jersey and Long Island. But that's okay. That's perfectly okay. Because they all know that Obama cares, because he went to meet with Chris Christie a couple days after the hurricane hit. So it's okay. Obama needs to golf. It was a stressful campaign. He needs relaxation. It's okay. They know he cares. They know he's working on it.

In 59 Philly Ward, Romney Got Zero Votes
RUSH: In 59 Philadelphia voting districts, Mitt Romney got zero votes. Not one vote in 59 Philadelphia voting districts. Does anybody believe that? I mean, it happened. Does anybody believe it really happened? Not one vote in 59 Philadelphia voting districts.

Obama as Cult Leader 

RUSH: Abe Greenwald at Commentary magazine... You can find people all over the country who think the country's finished. I have a couple of pieces here today that, in fact, I was gonna quote from (I laid them aside) that believe we've reached the tipping point and the fact that we could lose an election with these circumstances can only mean that America as founded is over. But I want to share with you an alternate view from a guy named Abe Greenwald at Commentary magazine.

He basically makes the point that we're in the middle of a personality cult here, that Obama is leader of a cult in a sense. His point is: "The president's reelection is not evidence of a new liberal America, but rather of the illogical and confused experience that is infatuation." He says, "It is in the nature of personality cults to fail at most things beyond generating and disseminating propaganda. This inability is the result of two things. First, the personality's popularity is not results-driven.

"Since adoration hasn't been earned by achievement but by the advent of charisma, why kill yourself trying to get results. Second, few people are willing to candidly critique the personality at the center of the cult, so there is little chance of course correction. None of this bodes well for Barack Obama. And for the country's sake, let's hope it's wrong," he writes. His point is, the Democrats had better start soul-searching. (That assumes, of course, they have a soul to search for.)

"Barack Obama ushered in America's first large-scale experiment in personality-cult politics. The experiment continues apace. Obama got reelected because he enjoys a degree of personal popularity disconnected from his record. No modern president has ever been returned to office with employment figures and right-track-wrong-track numbers as poor as those Obama has achieved.

"Obama couldn't run on his record, which proved to be no problem -- Americans didn't vote on his record. According to exit polls, 77% of voters said the economy is bad and only 25% said they're better off than they were four years ago. But since six in ten voters claimed the economy as their number one issue, it's clear this election wasn't about issues at all. ... The president's reelection is not evidence of a new liberal America, but rather of the illogical and confused experience that is infatuation."

He goes on, again, to say: "It is in the nature of personality cults to fail at most things beyond generating and disseminating propaganda." I don't know. It's an interesting take, and I just wanted to share it with you as an example of the kind of stuff that is out there, since much of the program today has been devoted to the usual Republicans blaming everybody but themselves. They're blaming their supporters, blaming their advocates.

Republicans, apparently, are on the verge of making policy adjustments to expand the Democrat Party. It's what they're doing. Again, does anybody really think the Democrats want to help the Republicans? Does anybody think Democrats are just gonna sit idly by and let the Republicans become pro-Latino? The Democrat Party's whole message, their whole reason for existing is that the Republican Party's anti-humanity.

The Republican Party and conservatives hate everybody. They hate women, hate Latinos, hate blacks. Does any Republican think that you can overcome that? Not even overcome it! Do any Republicans think you can get the Democrats to stop talking that way by agreeing with them? You think they're gonna let you get away with that? I'm stunned! And who is it giving all this advice?

People who are the architects of our election losses. People who've never participated in a winning campaign have all the answers, and a lot of it's rooted in media jealousy. A lot of it is rooted in being irrelevant within the group. And they want to matter. A lot of it is saying things to be accepted by the Democrat ruling class. But none of this is oriented toward winning elections, even though they may think it is.


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