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Pearls of Wisdom

"With all these affairs going on in the military, Bill Clinton's gotta be kicking himself for dodging the draft. I mean, look at what he missed."

"Between the Secret Service prostitution scandal (remember that?) and the Real Housewives of West Point, who has time for Taxmageddon and sequestration? Oh, and the president didn't know about any of it, just like he didn't know about Fast and Furious. Look at what our president is unaware of."

"The New York Times is going out of its way today to make sure that we know that the shirtless FBI agent in the Petraeus affair is a right-winger. Oh, yeah. How could it be anything else in this current climate?"

"The Benghazi story has all of a sudden become a sex scandal about Petraeus? Who benefits from that? Who is the one person in all of this reputed to be a Republican? Petraeus."

"You know, the one good thing, folks, about all of this is that a sex scandal might make some people finally hear about Benghazi, because the media is all over this. It is a sex story that they just can't ignore. And even the lowest of the low-information voters might finally hear about what happened in Benghazi because of this."

"All Obama is interested in is the following. That after a certain number of years of this mass confusion, the only solution will be single payer. Whatever hell happens between now and then is the price to pay for it. We are headed to single-payer health care, the government being the payer, the government being the determining factor in virtually everything."

"This law has never been about health insurance. It has never been about health care. This law is trillions in expenses and deficit spending, and it's ostensibly to cover the uninsured and to lower the costs for those who are."

"We are in a never-ending loop of Entertainment Tonight. The country has become E! Entertainment Television, or TMZ."

"We go back to General John Allen: 20,000 to 30,000 e-mails and pages of communication to and from the other woman. This is not a sex scandal, folks. This is a 'why aren't you doing your job' scandal."

"Just to put this in perspective, they spent more time in Broadwell's house in Charlotte, North Carolina, than they did in Benghazi."

"You can't take money out of the private sector and have the private sector grow. All that's gonna grow is government, Santa Claus."

"I, El Rushbo, do not have health insurance. I'm a self-employed individual who chooses not to have it. I pay it as I go. I can't tell you how much money I've saved over the course of my life, by the way."

"See, I have been very fortunate. I have been able to not get caught up in the very real fear that everybody has that they're gonna die tomorrow and that somehow having health insurance is gonna prevent that or that they're gonna be broke tomorrow. So, to me it's like anything else, I pay for it as I need it."

"By the way, if you think that I'm wrong on this immigration business and Republican outreach, I want to give you California. California is the future of the country."

"The Republicans aren't even willing to be honest with themselves about why the Hispanic vote, minority vote goes to the Democrats in the first place. They really want to believe it's because they don't reach out or their media people say things that hurt their feelings or what have you."

"As long as the Republicans are gonna be in denial about why they're losing elections, they're never gonna get to the bottom of fixing it."

"So The Real Housewives of West Point, one thing is patently obvious, and that is the generals are being led here by their privates rather than the other way around."

"Yeah, they've turned Benghazi into a sex scandal. They've turned Benghazi into an episode of the Real Housewives of West Point. I'm not kidding. We've got four dead Americans. We have an actual dereliction of duty and responsibility and it's been turned into a sex scandal."

"They would compose their e-mails without e-mail headers, without IP addresses, just the text, and they would deposit their communications to each other in a commonly held Dropbox with the same account so they could each access it. I'm told this is a common tactic used by, honest to God, it's what I read, terrorists and teenagers."


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