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Morning Update: Ding-Dong!

Hostess Brands, Inc. -- makers of Wonder Bread, Ding Dongs, and Twinkies -- are closing three bakeries in response to a nationwide strike by its bakers union. Over 30% of Hostess workers decided to walk off the job. The message to 627 workers in Seattle, St. Louis, and Cincinnati was: ding-dong, your jobs are gone!

Obama Readies His Revenge on the "Rich"

RUSH: Boehner offered to play ball on new "revenue," $800 billion. Obama has come back in this new spirit of bipartisanship and a new tone that he promised us during the campaign and that the American people voted for. He now says, "You know, screw that $800 billion, Boehner! Screw you and screw the $1.6 trillion now. What are you gonna do about it? I won!"

Happy 80th Birthday, Stan Atkinson!

RUSH: When you think about the things in your life, the nostalgic things that make you happy or you have fond memories of -- it's always about the relationships you have with people you love. It's not the things you acquire or the places that you've been necessarily. It's really about people that you've known and who you've had great relationships with that have meant the most to you. Stan's one of those people for me.

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