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Does McCain Want Kerry Over Rice?


RUSH: There's a sound bite coming up later, but I'll interject it here.  We're drawing an inference ourselves.  It's a sound bite of Senator McCain.  And I don't know -- I mean, I'd play it for you, I don't know what the number is, I don't have time to find it, we'll get to it, but the interesting thing about it is is that if you hear it right, it could well be that the reason McCain -- I'm almost afraid to say this, folks, for fear of what your reaction is gonna be.  One of the theories that explains why McCain is really dumping on Susan Rice is -- are you ready for it? Senator McCain wants his good friend John Kerry to get secretary of state.  Well, you be the judge when we get to that.  Let's listen to it.  This is last night, Your World With Neil Cavuto.  And Cavuto said, "What would you do if Susan is picked for secretary of state?"

MCCAIN:  Clearly right now I would be opposed because the American people were told false information by her at the direction of the White House.

CAVUTO:  What would you think if the pick was Senator John Kerry?

MCCAIN:  We'd obviously want to advise and consent.  Senator John Kerry did come within a whisker of being president of the United States, as you know.  I've known him for many years.  I haven't agreed with him on a number of issues but, you know, as you and I are constantly reminded, I'm not the president, so I do give some latitude to the president of the United States.

RUSH:  Maybe I'm too cynical.  I don't know. Probably not.  Look I will admit that at times like this I can get cynical, and he was asked about Kerry.  He didn't bring Kerry up.  But he didn't shoot down the idea of John Kerry being a better secretary of state than Susan Rice.  He didn't at all. 



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