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"If you need an indication that the Democrats will never compromise on anything, look at this. Hostess is going out of business because of unions. Now, that's 18,500 jobs. You would think in this economy that somebody might want to show the ability to compromise if only to fool people. They won't even compromise on this."

"How do you get to $1.6 trillion and both parties being able to claim that they were true to their political promises? There is a way to do it, and it's called the Alternative Minimum Tax, and it's called expanding the Alternative Minimum Tax to practically everybody."

"You Republicans running around trying to figure out why the economy for the first time in history did not mean anything in an election better realize, it did, and your party got blamed for it. And you better start asking yourself why. There's a reason. You didn't defend yourselves. You didn't fight back against the lies. The Bush economy was not a disaster. The Obama economy was the disaster."

"Trumka is at the White House again today. Won't even compromise to save 18,500 jobs. Are you kidding me? Obama couldn't step in here even for the optics of it? I mean, yesterday he saved New York. Today he could save Ding Dongs."

"Okay, folks, so where are we today? I can sum it up for you very simply. Al-Qaeda is alive; Twinkies are dead."

"The Obama tax plan's not about raising revenue. It's not about reducing the deficit. He says it is, but it's not about that because it won't do that. It's going to fundamentally change the relationship of citizen to state. It's going to fundamentally remove capitalism as the US primary economic system."

"The single most destructive force in my lifetime in this economy escaped any blame, and that would be Obama. We figured, how in the world can Romney be hit by this? He had nothing to do with any of these policies. And yet he was blamed. That's what happens. When Bush is blamed, Romney, the current candidate is not gonna get votes.

"I don't see Republicans running around talking about the stuff that Reagan did. Well, I don't. Snerdley's in there laughing at me, but I hear all these platitudinous things that we're gonna say that everybody reacts to, and I know they do react positively to it. I just don't know any Republican that talks about it much."

"I'm telling you, folks, the problem here is that the sitting president, the architect of the current economic disaster, the demise of this nation's free market, the attack on capitalism, just got away with it, with nobody blaming him for it, blaming a Republican for this economy."

"California is a microcosm for where we're headed as a country because of the education system. The long-term fix for California is the same thing it is for the country. We have got to get control back of the public education system."


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