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Obama Moves Obamacare Exchange Deadline to Allow for Trashing of Governors
RUSH: Are you aware that the regime has moved the dates that the states must be in compliance setting up an Obamacare health care exchange?  The date was today.  You had to have it set up today.  If you didn't have it set up today, there wasn't gonna be an exchange in your states.  And that's not good.  Well, it would be good, actually, but for Obama, it wouldn't be good because the health care law does not allow the federal government to run the exchange.  The states have to.  They haven't changed it yet.  It was an error.  But guess what Obama did?  He moved the date.  And in some cases, it's all the way to February. 

Now, when I first saw that, I said, hmm, I wonder why.  I got my answer today in the New Orleans Times-Picayune editorial of Bobby Jindal.  Very smart move by Obama.  You move the date, allowing the media to trash all of these governors.  There are a lot of Republican governors who have said -- Scott Walker's one in Wisconsin -- there's not gonna be a federal health care exchange in this state.  Look, the governors are the last line of defense now.  The states are the firewall.  So the editorial on Jindal is the template.  The media is going to be jumping all over these governors from now until February, accusing them of being heartless, no compassion, not even caring whether people have health care or not. 

In fact, it'll be worse than that.  Remember the line from the New Orleans Times-Picayune editorial at Jindal.  "With every decision Jindal makes, comma, the message becomes clearer to hundreds of thousands of Louisiana residents who are uninsured:  The state has no interest in helping you."  Well, shazam.  By the time Obama and his media buddies are finished, every Republican governor will be accused of having no interest in seeing to it that you have health insurance.  That's right.  And I want you Republican consultants to tell me what you're gonna do about this.  I want to know.  Are you gonna keep bitching at Mitt Romney?  Are you gonna keep claiming that Romney goofed up here, goofed up there? 

Meanwhile, the same old attack is gonna happen.  Republicans are heartless, mean-spirited, extremist, and in states with largely black populations, racist.  They don't want you to have health care, don't want you to get health treatment, medical treatment.  Get ready.  This New Orleans Times editorial is the template for what's gonna happen.  And that's why the regime moved the deadline back, to give the media months to trash these Republican governors.

CNN Investigates Racist Texas County Where Obama Only Got Five Votes
RUSH:  You know, this is hilarious.  I've got CNN on here.  Let's see.  There were 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia where Romney got zero votes.  There were a similar number of precincts in Cuyahoga County, 59 precincts in Cuyahoga County where Romney got zero votes, zero.  So over 150 voting divisions in Philadelphia and Cleveland where Romney got not one vote, and where is CNN today?  They've got one of their ace reporters in a place called King County, Texas, where there were only five votes for Obama, and they are there to investigate just what kind of bigots live there.  I kid you not.  It's been up there for five minutes.  The reporter is a guy named Gary Tuchman. 


Candy Crowley?  No, she gotta prepare for her Sunday show.  She can't do that.  But, no, seriously, seriously, no votes for Romney in lots of districts in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, no big deal, makes total sense.  Five Obama votes in King County, Texas, and we gotta go find out who the bigots are that live there. What kind of place is this that only has five people who voted for our president?  So we've gotta go besmirch and impugn King County, Texas, at CNN.

Mark Shapiro to CNN?
RUSH: I saw they're looking a new president at CNN.  They fired Jim Walton, or Jim Walton retired, I forget, and a name surfaced today as leading the pack.  It's the guy who hired me for the ESPN pregame show, Mark Shapiro, who after he finished at ESPN went to work for Dan Snyder, owns the Redskins. He ran the theme park, Six Flags, in Arlington, Texas.  And he's done some things since then, but he's the guy that hired me at ESPN.  His name's at the top of the list for CNN.  Great, great programmer.  The guy's a great programmer.  I had great conversations with him, especially during the McNabb incident. 








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