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"Apparently the country's gone, but guess what? I'm the reason why. I am to blame for the country being lost. I am to blame for the Republican Party losing election after election after election."

"Contrary to what some of you people think, that I'm an egomaniac. Yes, I have a healthy ego, but I'm not maniacal about it. I know I'm gonna come up anyway. I don't have to bring me up. I don't like being the focus of things here, but sadly it's the case."

"The people that voted for Obama look at us as the impediment to freedom. We are the ones standing in the way of freedom. And why? Well, to them, we are against gay marriage and gay rights. And so we are against their freedom."

"I'm not in charge of any Republican Party platform. I'm not in charge of anybody's campaign. I have nothing to say, officially or unofficially, about what the Republican Party does as it tries to win elections. Zilch, zero, nada. I am simply a powerful, influential member of the media commenting on such things. But I can tell you that very little of what I thought should have happened in the campaign, very little of what I thought should have happened actually did."

"Mr. Edsall himself is acknowledging the existence of the fact that a huge number of Americans look at the government as their protector, as their defender. They look at the government as their provider. They look to government as dependents. They believe they're victims."

"Over 50% of the people that voted still blame Bush for the economy. They just lived through four years of an absolute economic disaster made worse by every policy put in place by this president, this administration. Every economic factor was made worse, and yet Bush got the blame. How is that possible?"

"Barack Obama just won an election that, to me, was won because America is in decline. We have fewer of our citizens able to provide for themselves. Fewer and fewer able to provide; more and more who cannot, or who do not, or who will not."

"Democrats are happy as clams. I mean, they're running around happy as they can be. They have just won an election, and they've done so in the midst of the decline of the country, a decline on which they have capitalized."

"What are we to do? Are we to now be for amnesty? Are we to, as a party, officially proclaim that free contraception is what we believe for any woman that wants it? Is this what we're to do? I mean, what's the answer?"

"When we're up against people willing to concoct and manufacture such blatant lies and distortions, it tests the mettle of people who want to oppose it. It tests the mettle of people who want to make themselves targets."

"Obama has discredited the private sector. Obama has made the private sector an enemy to people and the government their friend. It's what he set out to do, and look at how successful he's been at it. So successful that now the Republican Party wants in on the game."

"You know, playing Santa Claus doesn't sell when you got 4% unemployment, but when you have 8% or 9% unemployment, it does. So you wreck the economy, you jack up unemployment, you do it on purpose, and you hold out the government as the answer, the savior, as the immediate savior."

"Santa Claus sells when you got unemployment at 8%. When you have people laying people off because of Obamacare, Santa Claus looks good. Hard work is not an immediate solution, especially if you can't find any. And why can't people find any? Because of what Obama's done to the economy."

"Snerdley says, 'What do you mean Edsall agrees with me?' He does. Thomas B. Edsall in this New York Times piece agrees with me. 'Is Rush Limbaugh's Country Gone?' Yes. The difference is, he's happy about it. I'm not. But he agrees that it's gone."

"I have known for a long time that not every conservative considers every other conservative to be on the team. There is not a conservative leader in the media side. There's not a conservative leader in the pundit side. And there hasn't been for years."

"Folks, intellectually here there's no argument that the Democrat Party's the party of redistribution. Santa Claus, it's so simple to understand."


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