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Rep. Steve King Believes in Santa Claus
RUSH: Accusing the Democrat Party of buying votes with taxpayer money is like accusing Toyota of making cars.  There's no question that's what the Democrat Party is.  So why all this resistance to it on the Republican side?  Why all this objection to Santa Claus?  Here we have from The Daily Caller from Altoona, Iowa.  "At Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad’s birthday fundraiser on Saturday night, Republican Rep. Steve King echoed Mitt Romney’s recent remark that President Barack Obama won the race by giving 'gifts' to certain demographics.  'Well, he did,' King told The Daily Caller. ... 'It was Santa Claus versus personal responsibility and fiscal responsibility.'"

But again, folks, we're not saying this in a vacuum.  Santa Claus sells when you got unemployment at 8%.  When you have people laying people off because of Obamacare, Santa Claus looks good.  Hard work is not an immediate solution, especially if you can't find any.  And why can't people find any?  Because of what Obama's done to the economy.  Not Bush.  What Obama has done to the economy.  I knew this was gonna happen.  Obama set out to destroy the private sector.  He's made a good start, so now the solution to that obviously is not hard work or anything else.  It's Santa Claus. 

What I Saw at the Steelers Game
RUSH: So I'm in Pittsburgh yesterday, last night. I went in for the Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, a Sunday night game, NBC.  I took my usual jaunt to the sideline prior to the game.  I didn't know it, but it was Steelers alumni night.  They had all these ex-Steelers players from the past.  All the seventies Super Bowl guys are there on the sideline chatting. John Stallworth was down there and L. C. Greenwood. I think I saw Dirt Winston, Lynn Swann, nice conversation with him.  Oh, and there was an actress.  The actress that plays the medical examiner on the Law & Order SVU.  I'm having a mental block on her name, but she was there on the sidelines.

And then I saw something last night I had not seen before.  I've been to the sideline of many NFL games.  During official warm-ups, something caught my eye on the field, Steelers warmups.  Not loosy-goosy, I mean this was the formal warm-ups.  Everybody's out there, they're lined up doing calisthenics at that portion.  And there is a woman running around hugging and kissing the players.  So I did a double-take, I looked over there, and I recognized who it is.  Now, I'm not gonna tell you who it is because it might embarrass her.  I don't know if it would embarrass her.  I have no clue anymore.  But I saw a journalist actually hugging and kissing -- on the cheek, pecks -- Steelers players.  And I thought, "Well, what's the difference in this and the White House press corps with Clinton or the White House press corps with Obama?  What's the difference here?" 

But I'd never seen it on the field. Her camera crew was not with her, no microphone with her. She had no notebook out or any of that, and nobody seemed the slightest bit concerned.  I'm the only guy that noticed it.  Just old out-of-touch Rush.  A journalist out there hugging  and kissing the people she covers.  It might not even embarrass her at all if I mention her name, but in the outside chance that it might I'm not gonna 'cause that's not the point of the story.  I just looked at it, and I said, "Yeah, I could see this happening with Clinton."  I remember Nina Burleigh wanted to offer Clinton a Lewinsky for keeping abortion legal, so I figure what's different? 

Outrage Perpetrated Against Allen West

RUSH:  Folks, there is an outrage being perpetrated against Allen West up in St. Lucie County.  He's trailing the Democrat Patrick Murphy by 2,000 votes.  He wants a recount.  "His current victory margin is just large enough to avoid triggering an automatic recall of all precincts and all votes."

But there's a problem. 

"Gertrude Walker, the 32-year-veteran election supervisor of St. Lucie County...has spent much of the last two weeks explaining why her office completely botched the count. She admitted that her office had acted in 'haste' in issuing election results, and that 'mistakes were made.' Among her mistakes was failing to count 40 of the 94 precincts under her jurisdiction on Election Night - and then counting the other 54 twice. Indeed. On Friday, her office announced it had 'discovered' 304 additional early votes left in a box. None had been counted."

But she's now in the hospital and is unavailable for comment.  I don't know what a full-fledged recount would show for Allen West, but this ought to be taken care of.  They need to get an accurate, honest tally up there.  This is a plus-Republican district.  Obama got, what, 104% of the vote up there?  Obama got 104% of the vote in St. Lucie County.  There's something really, really odd about it.  It would be a shame to lose Allen West.  You talk about a genuine solid American hero.  This is something that needs to be addressed, and the count needs to happen honestly and legitimately up there once and for all. 


RUSH:  On the Allen West recount, we have a Republican governor here in Florida, right?  His name is Rick Scott, right?  I wonder, can Governor Scott do anything about this? It seems like rogue activity in St. Lucie County.  Maybe go up there and go to the McDonald's and order some fries and not get any and then call 911, the White House, and just call attention, but there's something up there out of whack. 





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