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"Folks, my father would not believe my life. He would not believe that Ted Koppel would be blaming his son for the lack of anything getting done in Washington."

"The proverbial media-Democrat complex is hoping that I will come along and echo Bill Kristol and say, 'You know what, I think everybody needs to pitch in. The rich shouldn't complain about a couple, three, additional percentage points on their taxes,' and, in the process, they're hoping that I can undercut Grover Norquist. I don't know what they're thinking, but I steadfastly oppose tax increases."

"The whole Republican Party right now seems oriented toward getting in on this giveaway game. But the game exists because policies created by actual politicians over the years have led us to where we are. And, quite simply, the rich do not have enough money to tax them and fix the problem."

"I'm offended listening to the people who are responsible for this blame the American people because they're not paying enough in taxes for the problem. That's not our problem. Our problem is a spending problem, first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth on down to number ten. We are in this mess because of an unchecked, irresponsible, undisciplined spending problem."

"There has been an all-out war and attack on capitalism since longer than I've been alive. I mean, it's been as long as capitalism has been understood to be what it is. That's nothing new."

"The damage to the private sector is still underway. The assault on capitalism and the private sector is still underway. They are not through."

"I don't know about you, but I don't have any control over what is spent in this country. Zilch, zero, nada. All I can tell you is that a bunch of irresponsible people for years and decades have been spending far more than we have, they've been spending like it doesn't matter, and that has caused this problem. There's no amount of revenue increasing, no amount of revenue enhancement, no amount of revenue increases that is gonna make a dent in this."

"The left never, no matter what they win and no matter what you give them, it's never enough. It's why I've always been opposed to compromise with them. There is no compromising with them. There is no point where they're ever happy."

"I believe, if we're gonna raise anybody's taxes, then you ought to raise everybody's. Raise everybody's, not just the rich. Let's be fair. But I don't think taxes are the reason we're in this mess. We're not gonna solve this mess 'til we start cutting spending. And I think everybody's taxes ought to be lowered, to tell you the truth, and the government ought to cut spending."

"We are spending way more money, combination spending and borrowing, than we have, than we are producing. It's not even close. It's utterly irresponsible what has happened to this country, and we're on a path of financial collapse."

"We're on the path to financial ruin. We have spending commitments that we cannot possibly pay for, no matter what we do. There is no amount of money that can be raised via tax increases that does not destroy the economy that can solve the problem."

"The Republicans are never going to succeed in having the Democrats and the media stop characterizing them the way they're characterized now. There is nothing the Republicans can do to stop the Democrats and the media from calling us racists, sexists, bigots, homophobes. There's nothing."

"I'm convinced the Santa Claus argument irritates so many people because it's easy to understand, and it's so descriptive, it's so apt, it's so fitting."

"I don't pretend to have the answer, other than to say those people, as we sit here today, are to be defeated. But now the tipping point, you know, we lost the country."

"The seventies is one of these decades that a whole bunch of garbage happened, not very many people remember it. But it was bad."

"Capitalism works the best for the most. It may not be perfect, but this country has proven it, capitalism is simply the best way for a culture and society to organize itself."

"I don't think we've recovered from FDR. I think FDR is, in fact, the root of the very problem that we've got. I think FDR sowed the seeds for the problems that exist today."

"We're drifting away from the things that have made this country remarkable and great, and we are really drifting away from a country which offered the opportunity for vast prosperity and wealth to the maximum number of people ever on this planet."

"Making capitalism work for everybody is not capitalism. That is a command economy. Capitalism working for everybody is not capitalism, and, by the way, it's not possible. There's not one bit of proof that it can be done."


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