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Clapper Made Fall Guy for Benghazi

RUSH: So CBS News is reporting that they have decided that James Clapper is the fall guy on taking Al-Qaeda out of the talking points for Susan Rice.  Now, this guy has a storied past.  This guy has told us that the Muslim Brotherhood were our buddies. They're no different than the shoeshine guys down the end of the block.  And he also didn't know that terror attacks had taken place in London, in the middle of them.  So they decided to jump on this guy.  He looks like Ed Rollins.  Well, actually just like Ed Rollins. I like to put faces to names. He looks like Ed Rollins, combination of Ed Rollins and Steve Schmidt is what the guy looks like. 

Nudists Rally at SF City Hall to Oppose Weiner Proposal
RUSH: Try this headline.  It is from a paper called the San Francisco Appeal:  "Nudists Rally At City Hall To Oppose Wiener Proposal."  I'm sorry, folks, I know it's bathroom humor, but gee whiz.  I saw this and I couldn't pass it up.  Here are the details on the story.  "Nudists Rally At City Hall To Oppose Wiener Proposal -- A group of nudists today filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking to stop the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from passing an ordinance next week that would ban nudity in the city. The supervisors are set to vote Tuesday on a proposal by Supervisor Scott Wiener that would prohibit the display of genitals or buttocks in city plazas or parklets. The ban would also apply to sidewalks, streets and public transit.

"Gypsy Taub, one of the organizers of the rally who took off her clothes at a board committee hearing on the issue last week, said the legislation would 'take away our freedom to be ourselves in our own city.'"  So you see, this is a small little microcosm, maybe not the best example, but in our discussion of freedom, this is exactly the kind of thing I mean.  I don't mean to say Scott Wiener is one of us, but as far as these nudists are concerned, Scott Wiener may as well be me.  And what is freedom to them?  They want to take off their clothes wherever they want.  At some point in San Francisco this will pass because these people get what they want in that city. I mean, addadictomies are now paid for by the people.  It's gonna happen.

CIA Cuts Back on Global Warming Outreach Program

RUSH: The CIA, you might be interested in knowing the CIA has decided, because they gotta cut some budgets somewhere, that they are going to vastly cut back on their climate change, slash, global warming outreach program.  The CIA.  Did you know the CIA had a global warming climate change outreach program?  I knew that NASA was reaching to Muslims.  You know, I thought that sounded familiar.  Snerdley says we did the story.  I thought it sounded familiar when I saw it today.

Marion Barry Rips White Liberals on Turkey Giveaway

RUSH: Marion Barry, the former mayor for life for Washington, DC, is upset.  Every Thanksgiving the former mayor for life gives out turkeys. Sort of like what Santa Claus does at Christmas.  He gives out turkeys to poor people, and maybe people who aren't poor.  I mean, whoever can score one gets one.  But he's upset.  "Tis the season for D.C.'s elected officials to gin up some goodwill by attaching their names to Thanksgiving turkey giveaways." You know, as I read this story I'm wondering, who buys turkeys?  Am I the only one?  It seems like everybody gets a free turkey these days. 

"Five council members hosting turkey giveaways this year, including Mayor-For-Life-turned-Ward 8 Councilmember Marion Barry, whose annual giveaways almost always generate news.  As in years past, Barry is declining to say who paid for the turkeys he'll be giving away or whether those donors also have contracts with the city."  He says, "Suppose they are."  So what?  "You all beat up on good people for doing good things. I'm not ever telling." And what he's really upset about here, "only 'liberal white folks' who are interested in disclosure rules for turkey giveaways."

He's upset at the liberal white folks 'cause they want accountability. They want to find out where the turkeys are coming from and Marion Barry doesn't want to tell 'em.  "Barry says it's only 'liberal white folks' who are interested in disclosure rules for turkey giveaways. He added that it's the same types who are interested in other good-government initiatives, like the city's open meetings laws. 'Look who led that,' Barry says."  He's ripping liberal Democrats, white liberals.  He expects them to look the other way and not demand or ask for accountability when he's out there playing Santa Claus. 

NBC Laments High Cell Phone Bills

RUSH: NBC News: "Newest Family Budget Killer? It's the $300 Cell Phone Bill -- 'It's the biggest bill in the house, outside of the mortgage payment.' T.J. Pinales of Austin, Texas, holds his nose and writes a check to Verizon Wireless every month for about $325, astonished that telephone service now occupies the No. 2 slot in the family budget. But NBC News heard that lament again recently as readers responded to a story about a wireless trade industry report claiming average cell phone bills are going down."

And, of course, people say, "No, they're not, they're going up."  In fact, some cell phone bills are averaging close to $400 a month, which for a lot of people is making the cell phone a luxury.  But I remember the people that have Obama phones.  They have the free phones and they have up to 120 minutes free.  And they know exactly how to get an Obama phone.  And it doesn't take much.  Now, I don't know the quality of the phones. I don't know what kind of add-on service that you get. 

But it's clear, ladies and gentlemen, there's too big a dichotomy here.  This is just not fair.  Some people paying $300, $400 a month for cell phone service and some people aren't paying anything.  What's the solution?  Nobody should pay anything.  The government, just like it should take over Hostess and save the Twinkies and save the unions.  Take over the cell phone bill payment process just like they're taking over student loans.  Wouldn't you rather have the government paying for your cell phone bill?  You wouldn't?  This is a responder to NBC's poll: "As far as I'm concerned, it seems like a huge rip-off, but what do you do?"  The family never eats out. "There's a lot of stuff we don’t do because we have the bills we have."

Do you believe this?  Cell phone bills are keeping people from buying food or eating out at restaurants.  Cell phone bills.  Do you even care what yours is, Snerdley?  Do you even look at your cell phone bill?  You do?  Are you in the 300, $400-a-month average payment range?  You are?  H.R. can't believe you pay that much.

Mayor Emanuel Wants Drivers Licenses for Illegals
RUSH:  The mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, wants to pass out driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.  Think the Republicans ought to agree with that?  Would that help with the Hispanic vote?  Let's join Mayor Emanuel. Let's support driver's licenses for illegals so that the illegals will understand that we like them.  You like that idea?  Is that what we're gonna do, things like that? 



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