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"This show would not exist, and it would not be what it is without you.  And we love you to death here.  I do personally, and I wish there were ways beyond words I could show you and express it.  Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend."

"It hasn't happened very often here in the history of this program. We will remember this day for the rest of our lives, because peace is gonna break out in the Middle East."

"In addition to Hillary securing the credit for the ceasefire, you know what else I think she gets? A get out of Benghazi jail card free. Since Hillary brokered the ceasefire, we can't really bring the hammer down on her on Benghazi. It just wouldn't look fair. "

"The Hamas people, they have mastered the art of creating the photo-op of grievance and suffering, and of course the media is a sucker for that every time."

"Folks, they're blaming me all over the media again today, now for just basically being alive. The problem with America is that I'm alive, that I'm breathing. It's all over The View. It's all over CNN. It's all over MSNBC. I may be the most likable, lovable hated figure in this country right now."

"You know, I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I said last week, but I am not the top officer of the entire intelligence community. I'm also not testifying under oath when I speak here on the EIB Network. I always do try to tell the truth. There's nothing to gain by lying, and I don't do that."

"I think these Hamas guys, I think they have perfected playing the victim better than Democrat voters have. And that's what this is all about. They are experts at playing the victim. They are experts at playing the aggrieved."

"We're over. There's no more economic growth of 3%, 5%, 6% a year, it's over. This is it. Economic growth of .9, 1% a year is it for us and the rest of the world. We have burned through whatever there was to win and gain since the Industrial Revolution, and now the new norm, the new reality says, this is it."

"If as much effort were spent to challenge politicians to improve the economy so we would have more jobs, as there were on convincing people that having the government feed you, we might get somewhere."

"You see, ladies and gentlemen, the press is the Democrat Party, and they are out now to destroy Rubio. He's the front-runner. The same way they destroyed Palin. The way they're doing it with this question. They're trying to paint Rubio as an extreme right-wing fundamentalist Christian wacko."

"They're already trying to take out Republican front-runners four years from now. What are we doing? We're trying to figure out how to make 'em like us again. We're trying to figure out how to make 'em stop criticizing us so we relax what we say on abortion or immigration or what have you."

"You know, I learned a long time ago, these journalists don't care what you think. You can't impress them. You can't change their minds, and you cannot use their forum to reach out to their audience. It will not be permitted."

"What do our candidates gain by talking to George Stephanopoulos? It would be like being interviewed by Carville or Stan Greenberg. What is there to gain? You ever notice that libs, when they appear on Fox, how do they do it? They're snarky, they're argumentative. They're not trying to reach out to the conservative audience at all."

"Obama is not gonna let the Republicans take this country off the cliff. I am not gonna sit by and let Medicare and Medicaid, health care for the poor and the elderly and Social Security, I'm not gonna let the Republicans cut it. And when the defense cuts happen, we've gotta start somewhere, folks, in paring down our budget."


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