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Chris Matthews: Rush Always Wins
RUSH: It's another three hours of broadcast excellence hosted by me, the all-knowing, the all-caring -- I really care -- the all-sensing, the all-feeling, the all-concerned, really concerned Maha Rushie here behind the Golden EIB Microphone, another three hours of broadcast excellence, the most listened to radio talk show in the country.  A fact that frustrates Chris Matthews at MSNBC, lamenting that no matter what happens, I never lose.  I never lose.  There's always a bunch of lonely people like you driving around willing to listen to me, no matter what happens.  And I'm glad you're there, all of you lonely people. 

Penn State Should've Tried the PBS Elmo Strategy
RUSH: "Even on 'Sesame Street,' where everything is famously A-OK, problems can arise for its residents."  This is an AP story.  "And that includes the Muppets. Cookie Monster grapples with an eating disorder. Oscar the Grouch gets cranky. Mr. Snuffleupagus gets the blues.  But Elmo seemed immune to any of that. Since enjoying his breakout success more than two decades ago, the 3 1/2-year-old red monster has radiated good cheer, love and trilling giggles. No wonder everyone - adults as well as children - adores him.  The key to Elmo is 'his innocence, his positiveness and his sweetness,' according to Kevin Clash, the man who created him and once told The Associated Press, 'I would love to be totally like Elmo.'"

Well, too bad, because Clash is out.  There's now a second young child to come forth and say that Kevin Clash, who was Elmo, sexually attacked him, and this has caused the Sesame Street people to have to now deal with this, and they said that Kevin Clash, the creator and the actor who is Elmo has to go.  They put out a very brief press release.  It's a distraction.  Why didn't Penn State think of that?  When the Sandusky thing was going on, why didn't they just say, "Sandusky is a distraction and he's gone," and be done with it.  Nothing to see here. 

Sesame Street's showing how this is done.  Maybe I'm still a little bit too cynical.  I still question the timing of all this.  This investigation into Elmo and Kevin Clash and what he's been doing to little kids has been going on at least since August, we've learned.  But the news comes out after the election.  Who was the central figure in the election?  Big Bird.  We had to save Big Bird.  Of course, you know, Romney was gonna kill Big Bird and then put it on the roof of his car and take it on vacation with the family in the cage next to the dog.  That's what Romney's plans for Big Bird were.  I saw it on TV. 


And then we learned that the Elmo actor is charged by two men who claim he molested them as minors, and his lawyers have heard from two more potential accusers.  This has not created any kind of an outrage at Sesame Street or outside Sesame Street, nowhere near the kind of outrage that was created at Penn State.  I think Sesame Street's showing the way.  It's a distraction and they're kicking the guy out.  If Penn State woulda just said, "Sandusky is a distraction."  Yeah, Tackle Me Elmo, Tickle Me Elmo, Tackle Me Elmo, Smother Me Elmo, whatever happens there. 

Jesse Jackson Jr. Must Have Gotten His Pension
RUSH:  Well, it looks like Jesse Jackson Jr. got his pension because he's announced his retirement.  He said he wasn't gonna go 'til he got his full pension and disability so he musta got that because he's announced he's gonna resign from the House of Representatives.








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