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Douglas Urbanski Guest Hosts

"The Doctor of Democracy said, 'Conservatism -- when well articulated -- always wins.' He did not say it always wins. The second part is important, and that's what the conservative fundamentalists always leave out. The need to win is the important thing, so we then have the opportunity to govern. Otherwise, it’s all academic." -Doug Urbanski

Obama vs. Thatcher & Reagan on Libya

"There was no talk about videotapes when Libya bombed that disco in Berlin. We had intelligence back then, in ’86, that was reliable. We had a decisive leader in Reagan who said we’re going to do something about this attack. We had the ability to summon up a really strong ally in Margaret Thatcher." –Doug Urbanski


"Freedom means letting other people do things that you don't like." -Doug Urbanski

"Terrorism thrives on appeasement." -Margaret Thatcher 

Candidate Romney Ran to Govern, Not to Win

"Be tough. Be hard. Be frank. Be controversial! That's how you win elections. Speak in bold colors! You must not be afraid of offending somebody along the way." –Doug Urbanski

“Mitt Romney’s character, I believe, is impeccable. We’re not going to be talking about that or criticizing that. He’s obviously a good man and a decent man -- an honorable, god-fearing and god-respecting man -- who’s clearly highly intelligent. So don’t fasten your seat belt thinking I’m going to be saying negative things about Person Romney, but I am going to be giving you the tough medicine of Candidate Romney.” –Doug Urbanski 

How to Speak Over the Heads of the Media

"Rules for Radicals is a brilliant book. It is a demented book, too, but you can be both of those. If you read and absorb it, not only will you learn what the other side is thinking and their tactics, but you will learn tactics that you must employ. There's good stuff in that book, from a man who was dangerously insane, but it's an activist's book -- and we must be activists!" -Doug Urbanski

“People forget that Ronald Reagan was not just a softie candidate. He was very firm, very clear, and very tough. You cannot go into a cocoon. You cannot bring a chessboard to a Chicago election, any more than you’d bring sandals, sunglasses and a swimsuit to climb Mount Everest. You need to be prepared to cut into your opponent!” –Doug Urbanski


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