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EIB Guest Host: Mark Belling

Taxes and the Fiscal Cliff

"Simply raising tax rates on people at higher incomes isn't going to come close to dealing with the problem. We're at the fiscal cliff because we're broke." -Mark Belling

"The fiscal problem exists because the US government is spending way too much money. Rather than look upon this as another reason to roll over and cave, I think it ought to be looked upon as an opportunity to try to leverage the Democrats to, for once, be responsible and start controlling spending, implausible as that may seem." -Mark Belling

Susan Rice and the Benghazi Cover-up

"Getting to the bottom of Benghazi is a moral imperative. There is no Woodward and Bernstein chasing this story. They're almost putting their fingers in their ears hoping there's nothing they have to report. That doesn't mean that those of us who do care shouldn't press for answers." -Mark Belling

"Whether Susan Rice is the secretary of state or not, she needs to come clean and tell us who gave her that information about a YouTube video sparking the Benghazi attack. I think it's pretty clear she doesn't want to offer those answers up." -Mark Belling

So, What Exactly Happened This Election?

"Many people are truly shocked that Obama won. The magic of the 2008 campaign seemed to be gone, 2010 occurred, the stimulus bill, Obamacare. We had a revolution in this country and the Tea Party movement happened. They were scared by the spending, debt, and tremendous expansion of the dependency class. There was a lot of confidence that it would carry over to 2012. But it didn't happen and I think it's important to understand why." -Mark Belling 

 "The problem with this election wasn't just Obama. It was people who voted for him for the worst of all reasons. They just wanted to keep living off the rest of us." -Mark Belling


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