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It's J.R. Ewing vs. Gilligan! Obama Will Win the Fiscal Cliff Standoff, and End the Traditional American Path to Wealth


RUSH:  Well, isn't this typical?  I mean, right when the show starts -- and, by the way, welcome back, folks.  Good to be back with you here.  Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, Excellence in Broadcasting three straight hours dead ahead.  Telephone number, 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program, and the e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

I mean, right when the program starts, one minute before the program starts, there goes Obama.  Has Obama been on TV the last three or four days?  Has anybody seen him?  Look, don't ask me.  I mean, I literally don't know.  So tell me, have you seen Obama on TV?  So one minute before this program starts the guy goes out there and now he's explaining I don't know what.  I'm gonna have to wait for somebody to tell me what he's talking about. 


Well, no, I don't know that it is the usual stuff.  He's making a tax proposal.  He wants to do something right now and then move this fiscal cliff stuff later.  He wants to do something right now that involves giving everybody a tax cut, even the rich, on the first $250,000 they make.  The rate will not go up on the first 250, and I'm glad he's mentioning that because that's a fundamental point I want to address today as we get into the program.  But he wants to do something that will give 98% of the American people a tax cut right now, or at least no tax increase, and then lollygag around for a while.  So right when the program starts, just typical.  I mean, they pay such close attention, they know when I am first back from a vacation and make sure to try to thwart it. 


RUSH: Let me try to put this in perspective for you in terms of what this is really all about.  The fiscal cliff is theater, nothing more and nothing less.  It's a game of political chicken, folks, and it will result in a winner and a loser.  The media will act as judge. They will do everything in their power to influence the jury, which are the American people.  Obama's already gotten his name written in ink as the winner.  Understand, Obama is going to win the fiscal cliff, but it's a game of theater.  There will not be any substantive entitlement reform.  There will not be any spending cuts because there never are.  There will be new enhancements to revenue with appropriate questions that people will not ask.  But none of this fiscal cliff stuff has anything to do with solving the budget problem or any other fiscal problem that we have. 

The fiscal cliff and the fevered negotiations and the lame duck and everything going on, whatever Obama said just now, which I really want to find out because I got the sense there's something new he was proposing, and if I'm wrong about that I need to know quick 'cause he just, literally two minutes before the program began, went out there and starts this.  It's probably nothing new. It's probably just more of the same with a different presentation.  It's probably a whole bunch of meaningless focus on protecting the middle class.  Anyway, the fiscal cliff is not about long-term solutions to anything.  The fiscal cliff is not about solutions, period.  Not real solutions. 

What we have here is political gamesmanship.  It is being played to secure power with the federal government in charge.  It's all about who can maneuver who to secure and come out of this with a greater hold on power.  It's not about solving anything budgetary.  I mean, you're gonna hear that it is.  You're gonna hear it's all about fixing the mess that we're in, but it's not about that.  Nobody's gonna fix the mess that we're in.  Nobody's going to do what it takes to fix the mess that we're in. 

Obama can feel it now.  I mean, it's within his grasp, an amount of power that a president of the United States has not had since FDR, and maybe even including FDR, and it's right there waiting to be grabbed, and he intends to grab it.  The Republicans will be fine with whatever they end up with.  In fact, I was gonna say, watching some of this stuff to try to get back in focus, back up to speed, I got an idea for the Republicans.  Because when you pull yourself away from here and when you -- speaking for myself -- when I remove myself from the need to be of a certain mind-set to do this program for three hours at the highest level I can possibly attain each and every hour, when I remove myself from that and still stay in touch with what's going on, it's amazing to watch the Republicans beat themselves up.  By Monday the Republicans think that every Hispanic hates them, and every woman hates 'em, every minority hates them. 

I think what the Republicans ought to do if they really want to get back in the good graces of everybody, just based on the way I hear them talking, the Republicans ought to call a press conference and say, "You know what?  We don't even like ourselves, either.  We hate us.  You know what else?  We are opposed to ourselves.  Now will you vote for us?"  Because that seems to be the theme here, that the problem in America is 200-some-odd years -- and, by the way, it's an instinct that I've had since the first days of Obama, and it's taken hold. It's taken hold in our education system. It's taken hold in the pop culture.  The problem with America is its founding.  The problem with America is who founded it.  And the problem with America is why those people founded it the way they did. 

This is an unjust and an immoral country. It's a racist, bigoted, sexist, homophobic country, and now we're gonna change it.  And now we're gonna make amends.  Now we're gonna get even with all these people that had all this power for so long to ignore people who they didn't like, and now we're gonna get even with those guys.  And it just so happened that the Republicans are the closest link that the Democrats have, or can make, with the evil founders of this country, and the evil system that they set up. The mean-spirited, extremist, racist, sexist, bigoted system they set up called America, it's time now to fix that.  It's time now to get even with all that. 

In fact, there was a guy, Goldfarb, I think it was in the Washington Post.  It's amazing, if you find the right stuff, now it's perfectly fine to tell the truth about Obama.  Yep, he's a redistributionist.  And what does that mean?  Santa Claus.  Now, Obama is and always has been a guy who has seen this country as unfair and unjustly founded, and he's always seen himself as the guy who's gonna fix it.  And so they're on course now to do something drastic about income inequality, which, by the way, differs from wealth inequality.  They are two entirely different things.  And the reason why Warren Buffett is out there going on and on and on about supporting a tax rate, 30, 35% on rich people is because the income tax is the single greatest weapon government has to prevent the creation of wealth among individuals. 

The income tax does not destroy wealth.  There is not a wealth tax, and you don't see anybody proposing one, yet.  Yet.  But you don't see Buffett, you don't see any rich guys proposing a wealth tax.  You see them proposing an income tax increase, which is designed to make sure that people keep less and less of what they earn so they become less and less likely to amass and accrue wealth.  They've got theirs.  It doesn't matter.  And while they come out in favor of tax increases, income tax increases, they're buying love and good vibes and all kinds of support with the poor and the middle class who think that people like Buffett and Obama and the rest of them feel them, get them, understand them. 

So it's okay for Buffett to have what he has and nobody's gonna make a move to take his away from him.  But Buffett will join the movement to make sure that you never have a chance to acquire what he already has.  And that's the difference in a wealth tax and an income tax.  Income inequality is not wealth inequality, and make no mistake, nobody's making a move here to take money away from the super wealthy and give it away.  Not even Obama.  What they're doing is making sure that people who earn income today are not gonna be able to keep enough of it to get wealthy, that they will have to be forever dependent on government one way or another to get by. 


Well, no, I'm not joking.  The way to understand this is, this is J. R. Ewing negotiating with Gilligan, of Gilligan's Island, with J. R. Ewing being the Democrats and Gilligan being the Republicans.  That's where this is.  And what they're haggling about, if you really want to put this in terms that may be more easily understood, they're haggling over our private property.  We have an absolute fiscal disaster that is being blamed on us, when they are the architects, they are the people who spend all the money.  Now some of us are culpable because we demand the spending.  Some of us -- not me, maybe you, but many others have culpability because they demand some of that spending 'cause they think they're gonna get some of it.  But it's a spending-side problem. 

This whole fiscal cliff thing is being done in such a way as to make as many people possible believe that it's the fault of people not paying enough in taxes.  We have a fiscal cliff because people are selfish.  We have a fiscal cliff because the people in this country are selfish and are not paying enough in taxes, and we have a fiscal cliff in this country because the rich are selfish, and they're not paying enough taxes.  Let me give you a thought here before we go to the break.  This government has spent trillions alone in the War on Poverty, redistribution, trillions overall since the mid-sixties, we have spent trillions of dollars to fix all of these problems.  They do nothing but get worse, right?  Trillions. 

How much are we talking about in a tax increase on the rich?  Billions.  Eighty-four billion, hundred billion, whatever it is.  Would somebody explain to me how raising taxes on people to the tune of 84 or a hundred billion is gonna matter, when spending trillions prior to all this hasn't?  Trillions versus billions.  It is our private property that's being haggled over here, and we will not have as much of it when they're finished, and that's all you need to know about this.  It's all you need to know.  Our private property is up for grabs.  They're gonna get more of it when this is all said and done and when that happens we are still going to be blamed for the mess.



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