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People Opening Baracka Claus Christmas Gifts Don't Care Who's Paying for Them or About Creating Wealth


RUSH: I mentioned a Washington Post piece, an economics reporter, Zachary Goldfarb. "'The bedrock belief that has driven the president for a decade' is the power of the federal government must be used to reduce income inequality in America. According to Goldfarb, Obama formed this belief as a child and young adult living abroad, where he observed, in Obama’s words, 'the vast disparity in wealth between those who are part of the power structure and those who are outside of it.'"

So, finally, what you and I have always known has now been admitted to in a Washington Post piece, that Obama is all about redistribution. He's not about economic growth. He's about punishment.  Now, this is something you and I have been trying to tell people for four years, and nobody wanted to believe it.  He's too nice a guy.  How can that possibly be?  Now the media is out, part and parcel admitting it.  Here, in this piece, in the Washington Post, this economics writer, Zachary Goldfarb acknowledges, quote, "Although [the stimulus legislation] was not sold or viewed as an attack on income inequality, it was precisely that.' So was Obamacare..."

So, the Washington Post has a piece that the stimulus was not what it was portrayed to be.  It was an attack on income inequality, and so was Obamacare.  He says, "Obamacare takes a shot at addressing income inequality by imposing new taxes on the wealthiest Americans," which it does.  And the more taxes go up on people's income, the more obstacles there are to creating wealth.  Can't happen.  That's the objective.


RUSH: Canton, Kansas. Larry, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Love you, Rush. Loved you a long time.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I love you, too. I love you a long time and even longer.

CALLER: (laughing) Daniel Altman was making the media rounds and suggesting and proposing a wealth tax of 1.5% to start off with 'cause he wanted to bring it in gradually.

RUSH: Daniel Altman?

CALLER: Altman. He's an economist. I heard it over the weekend. He was saying it would boost economic growth for the long-term.

RUSH: No, no, no. There's no economic growth. Actually I shouldn't say this. (laughing) Actually I have a great fear there is going to be economic growth.


RUSH: Yes. But let me issue caveat here, folks, let me tell you something. The fiscal cliff, the Democrat Party, all these budget negotiations. This is not about economic growth. It's not what they are interested in. Obama doesn't care about economic growth. That's not news. What we have to realize is, the American people don't, either. That's what we have to realize. I can sit here all day long and I have yet to be wrong about Obama. From January 16th when I told you, "I hope he fails," I've nailed what Obama's all about, what he wants to do.

Where we all went wrong was, we thought the American people would end up opposing it when they found out; they support it. Now, people on the other side of the glass are saying, "No, no! Rush, it can't be true." I'm not sitting here and living in dreamland anymore. I'm not gonna sit here and live in fantasy land. I'm telling you, the American people voted for this. They voted for tax increases on the rich. They voted for it. That's what Obama ran on. They voted against success.

That's what Romney epitomized. They voted against Romney. You look at the exit polling data. They still blame Bush for the economy, but there's another question asking if the candidate "cares about people like me." Obama won that 81 to 17%. "Oh, Romney is the epitome of success. He doesn't care about people. He's not inspirational. I don't want to be like Mitt Romney. I want to be like Barack Obama! I want to care."

Whether Obama cares about 'em or not, doesn't matter. They thought so. The American people voted for policies that will not lead to economic growth. People opening Obama Christmas presents do not care where it comes from, they don't care how it's provided, and they're not interested in thanking anybody for it. This is what we have to realize. I'm telling you.



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