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What Happened to the Recovery?

RUSH:  Before the election, ladies and gentlemen, the media, the Democrats were all hyping an economic recovery.  It was slow, but the unemployment number was coming down and we were finally trending in the right direction. The American people agreed and they reelected Obama.  They also told us that new home sales are starting to see some rebound.  Not so fast.  It looks like new home sales are stagnant.  The media had hyped growth in that area.

Investor Confidence Drops Below Consumer Confidence

RUSH: I find this fascinating.  We've got a Rasmussen survey on the Rasmussen Consumer Index.  "Investor Confidence Drops Below Consumer Confidence For First Time Since March 2009 -- For the first time since March 2009, the Rasmussen Investor Index is now lower the Rasmussen Consumer Index."  So the investors are not as confident as the goofy consumers are.  That's one.  Now, Gallup.  You see this, and you just throw your arms up and say, "What do you do?"