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Sign of National Resentment for the American Way of Life: Kristof Angry About Private Generators During Sandy


RUSH: Now, over the weekend, a columnist in the New York Times by the name of Nicholas Kristof wrote a piece. He's all upset about the electrical grid failing in the Northeast during Hurricane Sandy. But that's not what made him mad. What made him mad was the reliance that some people had on private generators. He was upset about that, that some people had them and other people didn't. Here's the short version, according to David French at National Review.

This is the short version of Kristof's piece: "Low tax rates on the rich, plus failure to deal with climate change, equals decaying infrastructure, increasing inequality, and wealthy opt-outs from public services," and public utilities. And they're able to go get their own generators, and this is not fair, that some should have generators and others shouldn't. And it's all because of climate change and all because the rich and income inequality that some people had private generators and others didn't. He made a whole column about this!


RUSH:  I'm not kidding.  This guy Nicholas Kristof, this is mainstream liberal opinion at the New York Times, a piece over the weekend upset about the electrical grid being insufficient, failing, being knocked out of power. Not just during Hurricane Sandy, but primarily then, but any other time it goes down, it's not fair that some people aren't affected by it.  They're able to go out and own private home generators to get through the outage while other people are unable to.  And he claims that the reason that this is possible is that tax rates on the rich have been too low, which means the rich have too much disposable income, and with that disposable income they're able to go out and buy private generators that they really shouldn't be entitled to have.  It's not fair. 

Now, as I go through all this, keep in mind based on the election results, the American people agree with this.  The American people signed on for this.  The American people, maybe by a couple, three million votes, whatever it was, 51 to 48%, the American people agree with this.  You don't get points for getting close.  You don't get points for almost winning.  You don't get points for losing, but not by a landslide.  You'd be amazed.  The people of California voted to increase their own taxes.  They voted to raise taxes on themselves.  The people of California are voting for what is happening there.  And now we can say the people of this country are voting for what's happening here.

So when Kristof says low taxes on the rich are to be opposed because they are able to go out and buy things like private home generators so that they don't feel the electrical grid outage, so it means we have to raise taxes and also the grid failed because we're not doing enough on global warming. We're not raising taxes enough to deal with global warming.  We have failed to deal with climate change. We don't have high enough taxes on the rich, and that means that our infrastructure is decaying, that there is a greater inequality of income among the people, and the real insult is that the wealthy are then able to opt out from public services. 

Now, in the old days, not too long ago, I remember where this is the kind of thing that people aspired to.  People aspired to be successful, to earn enough money to provide themselves an increasing standard of living, and this provided motivation and inspiration for others to follow.  Now, that's not the way it is in America anymore and we're going to have come to understand that.  Success is not inspirational.  Success is not motivational.  Success makes you a target.  Success makes you an enemy.  Success means that you aren't playing fair.  And I'm not exaggerating. 

At some point we're gonna have to understand what's happened here.  It's not the Latino vote that caused us to lose the election, and it's not the single women under 30 vote, and it's not all these other demographic things that resulted in Romney and us, the Republicans, losing the presidential race.  Those are convenient excuses that are easy for the Republican Party to seem to address, which will not matter in the long run.  We are losing the American way of life.  The American way of life is now targeted.  The old standard American way of life is now seen as the big problem, because not everybody can share in it, not everybody has a fair shot at it, not everybody will ever be able to participate in it fully, and so it's unworthy, unjust, and should no longer be allowed. 

And that's where the people of this country are.  You can sit there and tell me, "No, Rush, no."  It's like Bill Parcells always says about an NFL team, "You are what your record is."  If you're 4-7, you are 4-7.  You're not a maybe, you know, 10-4.  You're 4-7, you're 4-7.  Your record is what you are.  The country is what it is.  The guy running for reelection made no bones about what he intends to do, and he certainly didn't hide what he intends to do for four years in the big picture.  He got reelected.  Certain things, folks, there is a deep resentment.

Maybe a way to illustrate this.  If, in Hurricane Sandy, you lived in the Northeast, and if you had one of these private generators, did you tell anybody, or did you try to keep people from finding out?  My guess is, you shared the news with people you could trust and your friends, but you didn't want anybody else finding out, not for fear they'd come over and want to live with you for a while, but for fear that you don't want to make yourself a target.  Am I right or am I right?  I'm always right. Even when I think I'm wrong, I end up being right. 

So we have a decaying infrastructure because we're not raising taxes enough on the rich to deal with climate change. We're not raising taxes on the rich enough because they've got enough disposable income to go out and buy these private generators.  He wrote a whole column about this.  In the old days of America, you'd have a situation like this, and the focus would be, "What's wrong with the public utility?"  In the United States of America in 2012, there's no reason to have a two-week outage after something like this.  But, no, a two-week outage is totally understandable, and what's of note is that some people didn't have to endure it, and that's not fair.  And we're gonna go after the people who didn't have to endure it, who found a way around it. 

Look at all the things in this country now that are blamed on the fact that the rich are not paying enough in taxes.  Look at everything that is being blamed on that.  Education, rich aren't paying enough taxes.  Poverty.  The war on poverty since LBJ in the mid-sixties, rich aren't paying enough taxes.  Whatever the problem, that is the Democrat solution, raise taxes on the rich, and that won reelection.  So we have to conclude that a majority of people also believe that.  Now, we can sit here all day long and throw the logic of numbers at them like I just said, and say, okay, look at Mr. Derelict citizen, Mr. Gullible Citizen who is buying into all this.

We have spent trillions of dollars since the mid-sixties, probably already lost them at that point. We've spent trillions of dollars on wealth transfers. We have redistributed income to the tune of $7 trillion since the sixties to eradicate poverty, and we haven't done it. The same number of people by virtue of percentage are in poverty as when we started the program.  Trillions.  And how much money are we gonna raise by increasing taxes on the rich?  $84 billion, $110 billion, whatever.  Well, how is that gonna work?  How is a hundred billion dollars in new revenue gonna wipe out all of these inequities, when trillions in 30 years hasn't done it?  And then you realize, it's not about any of this.  It's not about wiping out poverty.  In fact, folks, the fiscal cliff and the Democrats, it's not even about economic growth. 

I saw Eric Cantor today standing up there, giving the usual Republican spin, (imitating Cantor) "We're not for raising taxes on wealth creators. We're not for raising taxes on the job creators. We're not for raising taxes, people. We want a plan here that ends up with economic growth."  All well and good but Obama doesn't, and the Democrats don't.  Economic growth is itself unfair, ladies and gentlemen, because not everybody participates in it.  Economic growth, don't you know, is engineered by people who already have been rigging the game for 238 years.  The economy is rigged to grow to favor them, and since not everybody will participate in economic growth, we're not gonna have economic growth. 

What we're going to have is redistribution.  What we're gonna have is income equality.  And we're not gonna have income equality by elevating people at lower incomes.  Oh, no.  We are going to have income equality by taking away money from people who have higher incomes.  We are going to raise taxes on the higher income people on the theory that that money will then be transferred to the lower income people.  It won't.  It will go to government.  Well, I take it back.  It will be transferred in part, not in cash, but in other benefits. 

This isn't about economic growth.  And don't anybody get caught up in the notion that that's what anybody cares about, particularly on the Democrat side.  It's not about economic growth.  It's about redistribution.  It's about transfers of wealth.  It's about destroying the opportunity to create wealth.  It's about putting immovable obstacles in the way of becoming wealthy.  That's what really is taking place here.  Every increase in the income tax is just that, an obstacle to the creation of wealth.  How can you become wealthy if more of what you earn is taken from you?  You can't.  That's what this is about.  The fiscal cliff is a golden opportunity for Obama and the Democrats to do what they have wanted to do since the first whiff of progressivism or liberalism wafted up their nostrils, or into their mouths, whatever orifice you want to talk about. Whenever they began to sniff it, whenever they began to taste it, that is what they want. 


RUSH: This is John in Wellington, Florida. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hey, many ditto, Rush. How you doing?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thank you.

CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to say, you know, some of the people... Earlier you were talking about, you know, these people up north having, you know, trouble and stuff. You know, it's like us down in here when we had all those storms, you know? And, you know, nobody was around to help us but our neighbors. And, you know, that's what we did. I mean, we had, you know, people with houses banging into other people's houses and --

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: -- you know --

RUSH: John, let me tell you something. It's an absolutely brilliant comment. I wish I had more callers like you.

CALLER: You gotta take care of yourself and your neighbors.

RUSH: Yeah, exactly right.


CALLER: The flashlights, the batteries, the generators, you know?

RUSH: That's exactly right. Folks, let me tell you. Let me tell you how smart this guy is. Let me tell you, he is so far above the rest. Let me tell you what I think he's saying. He heard me earlier talk about the Nick Kristof's column in the New York Times. Nick Kristof was unhappy that some people during Hurricane Sandy had home generators that they bought themselves, and that other people didn't. Nicholas Kristof was upset that the reason why some people had home generators is because tax rates for the rich are too low, and because of global warming.

He didn't think it was fair. So we gotta raise taxes on the rich and go into global warming so that nobody has a generator during a power failure. And what John here is saying is, "Well, I thought these northerners were so smart. How come they don't have generators? We get a hurricane, and we've all got generators. We don't have to worry about not having power." See, it's a brilliant question. Let me answer the question for you.

Based on what Nick Kristof column said, many people apparently were waiting for Governor Christie to show up with generators for them and for Mayor Bloomberg to show up with generators for them. No, that's true. Kristof did write a column. He said it's not fair that some people should have generators, and the reason that they do is because tax rates for the rich are too low and we haven't done enough on global warming, and it's not fair that the rich can just opt out of the grid when the grid fails, when not everybody else can. 



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