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Caller is 45 and Just Realized Money Isn't Free


RUSH: Here's Rick in Paso Robles, California. Great to have on you the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, good to talk to you. First-time caller. I finally have woken up to the fact that money isn't free.

RUSH: How old are you, Rick?

CALLER: I am 45.

RUSH: Twenty-five or 45?

CALLER: Forty-five.

RUSH: Forty-five. And you've just awoken to the fact that money isn't free. What...? What precisely do you mean, because this is gonna be confusing to some people who think it is.

CALLER: I'm sure it is, and that gives me just a second to talk about something a previous caller talked about, that the American people got what they wanted when it came to reelecting Obama. We've become so polarized in this society that we get singled in on one issue, and I think that a lot of the people -- at least this is my hope, that a lot of the people -- instead of really liking Obama, they just voted against Romney because of single issues like gays, women's rights. You know, those kinds of things. They just voted against him instead of thinking of the overall picture. I just think we have, you know, an uninformed public on that. That's what I have to say about that.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, some would hope that you're right about that.

CALLER: Yeah. So, anyway --

RUSH: I just want you to know, the Republican Party thinks they lost because they don't have a good enough immigration policy to appeal to Hispanics and that their social issues are angering too many young women. The Republican Party is on the verge of making some concessions in these areas.

CALLER: Yeah. The Republican Party is not what they used to be.

RUSH: What do you mean...? Look, you're 45 years old. What happened to make you realize money isn't free?

CALLER: Okay. Well, this may be a little bad, but it actually has to do with a book that I read by Glenn Beck. The book that he wrote, Broke, was such an eye-opening thing. I'd always, you know, thought about some of these grants that people get for school, or you hear about government money being involved. And, you know, when the stimulus came out I saw that, you know, municipalities got some of the money from the stimulus, and --

RUSH: But where did you think it came from?

CALLER: I was just... You know, I never really associated it with people's taxes and coming out of the general fund or anything. You just think, "Oh, yeah. Oh, government money. Okay. The government's got a surplus or something or, you know, there's just extra money that they've set aside."

RUSH: But there isn't any. We're $16 trillion in debt. There isn't any extra money.

CALLER: Exactly. And, you know, just reading that, you know, brought things, you know, full circle, and then I started looking at all these programs.

RUSH: Forty-five years old.

CALLER: Yeah --

RUSH: Forty-five.

CALLER: -- and I just --

RUSH: Years.

CALLER: -- woke up.

RUSH: Old.

CALLER: I should have listened to my dad a long time ago.

RUSH: Why didn't you?

CALLER: I don't know. I guess kids don't want to listen to their parents, you know, and my dad, he used to read --

RUSH: Who were you listening to?

CALLER: I wasn't listening to anybody because --

RUSH: No, somebody had to put the idea in your head that the money that the government had just existed, and it was good money. It was quality money. It was free money. That had to come from somewhere. You may not remember it; it had to come from somewhere.

CALLER: Well, it was probably from politicians that, you know, speak about the free money. In fact, being here in California, you listen to all these programs that people want to talk about, and one of the things that got me on this to call in was, I was listening to an ad about solar. And I live in the state of Utah, and they don't really have a good solar program, but I have two friends that live in Nevada.

RUSH: Guess what? There's no such thing as a good solar program, anywhere.

CALLER: (silence)

RUSH: Anyway, just eye opening. Eye opening. Forty-five years old. Thank God you discovered it, but wow.


RUSH: Okay, so the previous caller thinks that people just didn't like Romney because of same-sex marriage, legalization of marijuana, and immigration. It's not that they liked Obama. They just didn't like Romney. Okay, well, if that's true, it won't be long before we find out. 'Cause with what Obama has planned for our economy, there will be a lot of opposition to it if people really didn't vote for it, and we will find out. It won't take long, folks.



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