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Let's Go Back to the Clinton Spending Levels


RUSH: Here is Randall in Sioux Falls. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. The Republicans, they really have an easy out with this fiscal cliff thing. At the Democratic convention, we were told over and over and over that under the Clinton years, with the Clinton taxes, we were in utopia. Meaning that everything was hunky-dory. So all the Republicans really have to do is say, "We're gonna go back to the Clinton tax rates for everybody, and everybody is gonna get to pay their fair share," and how are they gonna be able to argue with Clinton saying that everything was great?

RUSH: Well, actually that's not the way to go about this, 'cause, you're right. They did say that. They characterized the Clinton tax increases as the source of prosperity in the nineties. It really wasn't, but they say it is.

CALLER: At the Democratic convention, though, they harped and harped on that, and at least got 90% of the Democrats to believe that.

RUSH: Yes. So the way to --

CALLER: Sell it to 'em.

RUSH: The way to complete that is to say, "Okay, Mr. Democrat friend, then let's go back to the Clinton-era spending levels, too. How about that? If we had prosperity at the Clinton-era tax rates, and the Clinton-era spending, then let's cut spending. Let's get rid of the $6 trillion that Obama has added to the national debt. Let's get rid of these four years of trillion-dollar annual budget deficits. Let's just cut that out of the budget. Let's go back to what it was at it nineties and let's really have utopia.

CALLER: It should be easy to sell since they sold it to us at the convention.

RUSH: No, they didn't mention the spending side. They mentioned only the tax rates of the Clinton years. Yeah, they kept talking about the surplus. This mythical surplus! If anybody believes that the government ever really ran a surplus, then you need to be sent to a reeducation camp. Ain't no way, Jose. But, anyway, take it back to the spending levels of Clinton? If the tax rates are fine, they'd kinda be caught because, well, if we had prosperity with the spending levels that were there, why not go back to them? "Well, things have changed, Mr. Limbaugh. We really can't go back. So many more people are in poverty now. There are so many more social concerns."

Yeah, how did that happen?

Anyway, Randall, I appreciate the call.



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