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RIP, Zig Ziglar, Classic Motivator


RUSH: Do you guys remember the name Zig Ziglar?  You know the name Zig Ziglar?  Who was he?  What kind of speaker?  Zig Ziglar.  Snerdley correctly remembers that Zig Ziglar was a motivational speaker.  He died at age 86.  "Zig Ziglar, a deep-voiced motivational speaker whose clever way with words inspired millions to stop looking for shortcuts to success -- and instead earn it the old-fashioned way by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work."

Folks, it used to happen in this country.  What used to happen is that people would get jobs, hopefully jobs they liked, and they would work really hard, try to climb the ladder of success, as it was called, but they would work really hard. Some people didn't have what we call self-starter characteristics.  Some people had to be inspired by others, and so Zig Ziglar made a career out of doing personal appearances, and they were always with a bunch of speakers, things that go on all day.  And literally hundreds of thousands of people a year would show up to learn to be inspired to work hard to become successful. That type of motivation is practically gone in this country now, and to the extent that it still exists, it is frowned on. 

That kind of route to success now has a bull's-eye on it, if you succeed.  "It was on the job that Ziglar developed a curiosity about human nature -- What made a man tick? Why did some succeed where others failed? -- that ultimately led to a thriving career in motivational speaking." He tried to light a fire under those who weren't successful, to get them to believe in themselves.  Now, as I say, that's from a bygone era.  This kind of thing is frowned on now.  Because not everybody can work hard, and you know, a lot of people who work very hard don't ever have anything to show for it, and that isn't fair.  So hard work is kind of frowned on now.  Like Obama, he really hasn't worked hard.  He's a kept man.  Well, I mean --


What, dangerously close to calling him incompetent?  Incompetent, yeah, that means racist.  What is "kept man"?  (Laughing) That's true, John Kerry was a kept man.  Is.  Okay.  So, anyway, Zig Ziglar passed away.  I wanted to mention it because some of you may not have ever heard of Zig Ziglar, and I know you're laughing at the whole notion of inspiring people to work hard, but it really did once used to happen here in this country.



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