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Going Off the Cliff Fulfills Many Liberal Dreams


RUSH: Okay, back to the fiscal cliff.  I want to reiterate what I said yesterday.  I haven't changed.  This proposal that Obama put forth, which Boehner has rejected and basically said he's not even serious, it's time for some adult leadership here, Obama wants to go over the cliff.  I was watching Fox during the break and the guy that runs Real Clear Politics was on, and he said something that a lot of people in Washington are saying. It's hard to believe that Obama would want to go over the cliff and start his second term with a new recession and massive unemployment.  Look at the problems that that would present him in accomplishing everything he wants. I understand people thinking this way, but I really have thought all along you cannot look at Barack Obama as a standard, typical American or Washington politician.  He doesn't have the same concerns.  You got all these analysts who naturally think that presidents care about reducing the debt, care about their legacy, care about making sure that the economy grows.  Where's the evidence that Obama cares about any of this?  If this were his first term and people were talking about this kind of stuff, I could understand it.  We have four years of evidence that he doesn't care about any of that.  We have four years of evidence to suggest that it is entirely proper, and in fact it may be wise, it may be intelligent to look at Obama through the prism of cynicism. 

So you say, "Okay, why would he want to go over the cliff?"  Well, what happens when we go over the cliff?  A Democrat orgasm happens.  Taxes go up for everybody.  That's nirvana to these people.  Taxes go up on everybody on January 1st, in all kinds of ways:  income, payroll, Obamacare, taxes go up for everybody.  And then, after that, guess what Obama gets to do?  He gets to call a national speech to the nation and blame the Republicans for it, and then come out for tax cuts.  He knows as well as you do that the Inside the Beltway traditional analysts will look at that and say, "Brilliant move.  All presidents want to cut taxes. All presidents want more disposable income." It's a crock, but he knows that they're gonna look at him, and he's gonna get the benefit, by the way, of being looked at the, analyzed as a traditional politician while he's out there doing everything he can to back door nationalize American businesses and transform this country from capitalism to socialism.What better way could he do that, let's go over the cliff, everybody's taxes go, and there's an added bonus.  The second most orgasmic thing that could happen for Democrats is the defense budget gets cut.  Well, that would happen, too.  So you've got uncontrolled joy.  You have limitless joy for the Democrat Party going over the cliff.  You've got tax increases for everybody, automatically, without anybody signing anything.  It's already done.  And then you've got massive defense cuts.  Oh, folks, they can barely contain themselves.  Why propose something like this that has no prayer?  And how many working days do we have left in this?  Let's see.  We had seven weeks to come to terms on this.  Three of those weeks have passed.  We're down to four weeks, but that's not even true because they're not full weeks and we're not working to the end. What is it, 16 days, or 15 days, maybe 13 now, where everybody is going to still be in Washington. I think it's only common sense to realize Obama wants to go over the cliff.  My God, on the other side is nirvana.  On the other side, we're miles down the road to utopia, as they define it.  We're miles down the road to transforming the country out of capitalism into socialism.  And we have an instant crisis.  Because massive tax increases on small businesses means fewer people get hired, unemployment goes up.  That's gonna call for massive immediate fix.  Here comes President Obama on the white horse saying, "I'm gonna cut taxes for the middle class."  And the Republicans are not gonna be able to oppose that.  I mean, I think it's made to order.  The fact that he makes this ridiculous proposal is all the proof anybody needs.  They just have to have the courage to see it for what it is. But I cannot emphasize enough how excited they are at the prospect of taxes going up on everybody and the defense budget being cut and nobody has to do anything.  There's no political price to be paid, it's already signed as part of the raising the debt limit last time, sequestration, all that.  So Obama gets immaculated again on January 21st, three weeks of utter horror.  I mean, this is theoretical.  Some people think going over the cliff isn't gonna be that bad.  I think that it would be in every which way you and I as traditionalists could conceive.  But it's made the to order for what he wants to do.



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