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Rush for Co-Person of the Year?


RUSH: The one thing that Obama is known for, this War on Women.  If they want to claim a mandate, I guess they could on that, but giving away free contraception -- Snerdley, have you heard this? TIME Magazine puts out their short list for Person of the Year.  And among the people on it is Sandra Fluke.  Now, not something I'm proud of here, folks.  I must be blatantly honest.  Nobody would know who she is if it weren't for me.  If anybody is gonna be named Person of the Year on that basis, it ought to be me.  It's not an honor that I would appreciate because it represents a little bit of a screw-up, but the fact of the matter is that she's even on the list.

You go back and you look at some of the TIME Magazine people of the year from way back, I mean they were really substantive, serious people.  You look at the short list, and what's happened is that TIME Magazine and the rest of the media, the world now revolves around them and their potential people of the year all happen to be media types one way or the other.  It is the most narcissistic bunch of people that you can run into, outside of Obama and his acolytes.  Yeah, Jon Stewart's on the short list, too.  Oh, it's the pop culture.  It's what I'm telling you.  If there's one area where we don't exist, it's there.  It's why I keep saying that our comeback is not just gonna be political; it's gonna have to be cultural as well. 

But, anyway, I mean, for that to be the case, you'd have to say that Obama's mandate, if anything, was free contraceptives.  So if he runs around handing out free condoms, we can probably say he's got a mandate to do that.  If he wants to run around passing out birth control pills, he's got a mandate to do that.  And if he wants to run around and say the Catholic Church has gotta pass those things out, too, then he's got a mandate to do that.  And if the National Institutes for Health wants to spend a hundred grand to teach 14-year-old girls how to condom negotiate -- condom negotiation is where the rubber hits the road -- then he's got a mandate to do that. 


RUSH: Snerdley just said to me, "You know, you're missing the point on TIME Magazine putting Sandra Fluke as a potential Person of the Year on the short list." 

I said, "What do you mean, I'm pissing the point?"  'Cause what I said was that nobody'd know who she is if it weren't for me.  If you're gonna make her Person of the Year you gotta make me co-Person of the Year for making her Person of the Year.  It's not a proud moment, don't misunderstand. 

Snerdley said, "You don't understand.  She's not on this list because they care about what she did and what she says and what she believes or any of that, that's not why.  She's only on that short list," Snerdley says, "because that's the closest they think they've ever gotten to taking you out, and whoever, if somebody ever comes along and takes you out, TIME Magazine's gonna make 'em the Person of All Time, not just the year." 

I have to confess, folks, and I don't think about myself very often, but I have to confess that Snerdley may have a point there.  He may be exactly right.  



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