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Pearls of Wisdom

"How many places do we know where the citizenry is allowed to carry guns, and the crime rate has gone down? How many places do we know where the strictest gun control laws, which also have the highest crime rates in the country?"

"There's no mystery about what the media is, and the Republicans clearly understand. The mistake they make is believing that they can change the media's mind or make the media like them or make the media not criticize them, rather than attempt to defeat the media. They will not, in any way, do that."

"Could we maybe get the feminists of this country to honestly address the subject of violence against women? Instead of making it a political issue to go after conservatives, how about actually looking at it and who is involved in it and why it happens, rather than simply using it as a political football to advance liberalism?"

"If you look at the lyrics of Beatle songs, they're all about love. If you look at the lyrics of pop music today, it's all about killing cops -- or worse -- or what have you."

"I live in Realville and my problem is that I'm governed by logic. And some of the claims that are made by people on the left just don't hold up."

"The go-to liberal reaction for every publicized death in America is to blame the Second Amendment, to blame American gun laws, which are constitutionally granted, and it seems to me that that's the cop-out and it's an easy, almost lazy way, to approach this."

"The American dream has now morphed into an expectation. And if it isn't provided, or if it doesn't happen, then people feel cheated."

"You can have all the gun laws in the world you want, if somebody wants a gun they're going to go get one. It's called crime."

"Being a liberal is one of the easiest choices in life in the world. You don't have to tackle anything hard. You don't have to really do anything. You just have to make people think that you follow the pop culture conventional wisdom on whatever the issue happens to be."

"A liberal never has to solve a problem. A conservative in this culture must solve the problem or he or she is worthless. A liberal doesn't have to solve jack anything! All the liberal has to do is care, and it's very cheap for a liberal to care."

"Nothing illustrates the liberals' penchant for 'solving' a problem more than throwing money at it, and then not caring whether it solves the problem or not."


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