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"The Republican Party equals 'conservatism' in people's minds. So when the Republican Party waters it down and it's just a bunch of quivering Jell-O moderation that is called 'conservatism,' that's not attractive to anybody."

"Lawful, legitimate tax deductions have all now been called 'loopholes.' I mean, we're losing the language debate every day. A legitimate tax deduction is not a 'loophole.' But as far as these low-information voters are concerned, it is."

"If you sell your $400,000 house, you're gonna have to pay $15,200 in new taxes because of Obamacare. The Obamacare surtax is 3.8% on capital gains. It's gonna hit you in ways you haven't even considered."

"What happened to Bob Costas was not his fault. A microphone can inflict amazing damage, particularly emotional and psychological damage. Only highly trained specialists should be permitted to use them, and there should be a federal agency on this. Yes, I know we've got the First Amendment. But, look, the Founders never intended for microphones to exist. They didn't even know about microphones."

"A microphone can inflict amazing damage, particularly emotional and psychological damage. Only highly trained specialists should be permitted to use them, and there should be a federal agency on this."

"I have demonstrated over the years extraordinary responsibility behind a microphone. I mean, I am one of only people -- well, I am the only person -- with an actual gold microphone. You can't get any greater microphone permission or honor than that."

"If we go over the cliff, everybody's taxes are going up, including the middle class. The first paycheck everybody gets in January will feature massive income tax increases. The take-home pay is going to be smaller, and people are gonna be shocked."

"Going over the fiscal cliff is exactly what Obama wants, and it's all made possible by the fact that the media is Obama. We go over the fiscal cliff. That means that every deal reached is part of the debt limit increase."

"If Obama could turn this into a one party country, you don't think he would? FDR tried. I think FDR is one of his role models. So going over the cliff is entirely amenable to him."

"Anybody who thinks that Obama has a debt reduction policy has another thing coming. By the time he leaves office in four more years, we're gonna have a national debt in excess of $20 trillion."

"Obama doesn't want anybody in the opposition to even be on the field, whether it's a level field or not. His modus operandi is to eliminate opposition, not just defeat it. Once you eliminate it, you don't have to worry about defeating it. It's not there in the first place."

"The Democrat Party has wanted to destroy the Republican Party, not just beat us. They've wanted to destroy us for a long time. We don't have that view about them. We're comfortable beating them, but nobody's running around trying to conceive of ways to annihilate them, to wipe 'em out."

"People's home values have been plummeting, unemployment's been skyrocketing, income has been falling, for four years, where is the evidence he cares about any of that? In a traditional political way, he doesn't. Why all of a sudden is he gonna start caring now? It's gonna only get worse."

"Obama is the only president in this country who's never been vetted by the media. To this day, there's nothing known about this guy. Other than the cult-like figure characteristics that have been associated with him."

"We don't have a revenue problem. This fiscal mess we're in not because people aren't taxed enough. It's not because businesses aren't taxed enough. It's because there's just way, way, way too much spending. We simply cannot afford everything that we're attempting to pay for. We just don't have the money."

"Barack Obama is not gonna be president of a country where the private sector is seen as reviving itself. It ain't gonna happen."


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